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Run a Business? How to find an Investment Broker



Investment brokers are closely associated with retail investors looking to plan for the future, or perhaps with institutional investors looking for assistance with portfolio management. However, businesses that are looking to invest also find themselves needing a good broker on side. Whether you’re planning to move company cash from a low-interest bank account to a potentially lucrative investment vehicle or you want take a more active role in investing your company’s pension pots, here’s how to locate the right investment broker for your needs.

Word of mouth

Your company won’t be the first to have considered putting cash into an investment vehicle of one type or another, and it’s likely that other firms could have some good advice. While the firm that’s best placed to give information might be a competitor business, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to ask for recommendations as details of their portfolios could be a commercial secret. A local business leaders’ forum is ideal for things like this: that way, you’ll be able to get relevant insights without having to approach a competitor.

Online comparisons

As with any service provider decision, looking at the whole market before ploughing ahead is a good move. That way, you’ll be able to weed out any unsatisfactory brokers before you’ve had a chance to feel the effects of using them! Finding a good stock broker comparison table makes sense, as this will provide curated and well-researched information. That way, you can also make a decision based on the features that you personally require: for some people, say, low fees may be more important than online access, while others will prioritize flexible contracts.

Trial and error

Even with the best will in the world, researching everything and everyone isn’t possible. There will inevitably be ups and downs with some brokers, and even the brokers who look like they’re going to be great end up being bad apples. Some can charge hidden fees that they only reveal further down the line, for example, while others may recommend products that don’t deliver the desired return over time. Unfortunately, part of the business broker recruitment process will simply have to be trial and error: once you have a shortlist, going with your gut instinct and seeing if the relationship works out is probably the smartest move. If it doesn’t, then you can always re-recruit for a better broker in a year’s time.

Whether it’s for a cash investment or a pension deal, then, finding an investment broker is something that many businesses will need to do from time to time. There are some important steps to take to ensure that you find the right person or firm for the job. Whether you choose to ask around to find a recommended broker or you want to use the web, doing your due diligence and researching the market thoroughly before hiring a broker is essential.


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Protecting Masterpieces: The World’s Greatest Treasures



You’ll already be familiar with some of the world’s greatest treasures, from the Mona Lisa to royal jewels. As heist movies make their way back into our cinemas — recently with the King of Thieves and an epic sting scene in Marvel’s Black Panther, you’re probably wondering how we actually protect these types of assets and keep those scenarios fictional.

With the help of 2020 Vision, who have been protecting us from all sorts of crime for over 25 years — we take a look at the world’s most protected artefacts, the security measures that are in place and how these prevent any sort of criminal activity.

Protecting the Mona Lisa

Believed to be complete in 1517, the painting by Leonardo da Vinci is possibly the most iconic pieces of art in the world. In fact, the piece itself is the most known, most visited and most written about in modern times.

Believe it or not, the painting has the highest insurance valuation in the world — and throughout all of history. In 1962, this stood at $100 million. However, the inflation rate takes this up to $821,746,666.67 in 2018, making it one of the most valuable items in the world.

According to extensive research, the Mona Lisa was acquired by King Francis I and entered the Royal Collection in 1518. Believe it or not, the painting was intended for a friend of the artist and wasn’t even signed by da Vinci. After the French Revolution, the painting was moved to the Louvre; what was thought to be a safe-haven for the piece — but it wasn’t.

The most valuable painting in the world was stolen in 1911. However, it took a few hours to realise so. French painter, Louis Béroud visited The Louvre and found that the painting was missing — he asked the guards about its whereabouts and they weren’t entirely sure and assumed that it was being photographed for museum advertisements. Béroud returned a few hours later and the painting had not been returned; it had been stolen.

Once this has occurred, the Louvre closed for an entire week. There were many now famous-faces on the suspect list for the theft of this masterpiece, including Guillaume Apollinaire and Pablo Picasso; but they were both cleared of all charges.

The painting wasn’t found for an additional two years, where the real thief, who was named Vicenzo Peruggia was found trying to sell to a museum in Florence. It’s often described as one of the greatest thefts in the 20th century, as Peruggia stole the piece during working hours, hid in a broom closet and waited until after hours to walk out of the museum with the painting positioned under his coat. However, the thief was only jailed for six months as it was defined as an act of patriotism for Italy. The painting returned to its home in Paris.

Believe it or not, the Mona Lisa now sits behind a bulletproof glass to reduce the risk of vandalism attacks. The glass is reportedly almost two centimetres thick and the painting is held in a special sealed box that protects it from vibrations and humidity. Public visitors are separated from the piece by a queue barrier, but that is only one aspect of the state-of-the-art security systems that the Louvre has put in place.

Unlike the days where the Mona Lisa went missing, the museum now has IP CCTV systems which cover 70,000 square meters — as well as intruder detection and video analytics to prevent another heist.

Protecting Sweden’s Crown Jewels

You think that the crown jewels of Sweden would be heavily protected by the most advanced technologies in the world, but this isn’t the case. In August 2018, two crowns and a royal orb which belonged to King Charles IX of Sweden and his wife Christina of Holstein-Gottorp were stolen in what looked like an amateur heist.

These jewels had moved about previously but were located in Strangnas Cathedral at the time of the robbery. The gems were originally created as funeral pieces and were buried in the tomb with them but were later unearthed. Although the theft was premediated, it was extremely insufficient. Two men walked into the cathedral around midday and smashed the glass where the contents were held — causing alarms to go off around the building.

Using a combination of bicycles and a motorboat, the thieves escaped through Stockholm’s archipelago. However, one of the thieves was soon tracked down because of blood left at the crime scene and the jewels were partly recovered.

As a full search was out for the two men, the jewels would have been incredibly difficult to sell on the black market. As well as this, they’re extremely valuable and the thieves would have to find the right buyers. The jewels are made from the noblest metals and the gold value is worth around £43,000.

Believe it or not, the royal jewels had been stolen once before in Sweden. In 2012, a 19-year-old refugee claimed to be a friend of a member of the royal family and stole £73,700 worth of jewels — but sold them only for £730 to drug dealers for marijuana. As well as this, the thief also reportedly stole a £30,350 tiara and threw it off a bridge.

Security is not what it should be in Sweden. Although the stolen crown jewels from the cathedral were on public display, they weren’t properly protected, and the thieves should have been detected as they walked in. With artefacts of immense value situated in the building, the cathedral should be looking at installing walkthrough security door frames and regular visitor searches. In terms of the theft in 2012, people with the right credentials should only be able to enter certain areas of the palace.

Protecting the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom

For as long as we can remember, Britain has acquired some of the most amazing jewels — which you’ll be surprised to know were hidden in biscuit tins during World War II. With 23,578 delicate stones and over 140 objects, putting an exact price on the jewels has been difficult but estimates have been made stating that they are worth over £3bn. As well as this, it has also proven impossible to insure them because of their immense value.

The jewels are located in Jewel House at the Tower of London under the strictest protection. Believe it or not, the crown jewels are protected by bombproof glass and although the tower is open to the public, they’re watched by more than 100 hidden CCTV cameras.

Assigned by the Minister of Defense, the Crown Jewels are protected by 22-strong Tower Guard which is part of the British Army. Additionally, these guards are accompanied by 38 Yeomen Warders, who are ex-military personnel who manage the large numbers of visitors. The Yeomen are permanently present and live in the tower itself.

These prized possessions are only used on certain occasions including coronation ceremonies and can only be removed from the tower by the Lord Chamberlain. However, when this type of activity occurs, armed police officers must be present.



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What to Do If You Run Out of Money While Traveling



The dream of traveling abroad can quickly turn into a nightmare if you find yourself out of funds. Whether you were let go from a job prematurely, you lost access to your bank account, or you simply ran out of money, it’s important to know what to do to keep yourself afloat.

Here are some tips you can try that will enable you to get the cash you need.

1) Ask for Help from Friends and Family

Arguably, the quickest and easiest way to get your hands on the funds you need when traveling abroad is simply to ask for help from friends and family back home. This is an especially good idea if you haven’t actually run out of money—you’ve just lost access to your funds and you just want to get home.

Remitly makes it easy to get the cash you need, no matter where in the world you find yourself. Friends and family members can send cash in mere minutes that you can then pick up at a local bank.

There are other ways to get the money you need. PayPal is a popular option that is fast and efficient, as long as you both already have an account. Facebook Messenger also has payment options.

2) Get in on the Local Gig Economy

If asking friends and family for cash is out of the question, the next quickest option is to get in on the local gig economy. There are countless apps and jobs you can take on in an instant that will allow you to make cash before the sun even sets.

A few ideas include:

  • Help someone move
  • Housesit for someone in the area
  • Sell some of your belongings
  • Deliver dry cleaning, groceries, and food

There are apps that make these sorts of jobs a lot easier, but don’t be afraid to post bulletins in area establishments, as long as you have their permission.

3) Get on the Internet

The gig economy isn’t just for physical tasks and jobs. There’s a whole world wide web out there full of jobs that can be completed on the internet from any location, as long as you have a computer.

This is also a great way to tap into skills you already have, instead of just becoming a task master for people who need work done. Marketers can find digital marketing opportunities online, designers can get into graphic design online, and writers can find a plethora of opportunities in fiction, nonfiction, marketing, and much more.

Some of the best freelance websites include:

  • Upwork
  • PeoplePerHour
  • 99designs
  • GetACoder
  • iFreelance

Don’t forget to check Craigslist, if it exists in the area where you’re staying! There are a lot of quick, easy jobs that can be completed on-location, but there are a surprising number of internet-based jobs that can get you the cash you need too.

4) Get a Local Job

The traditional ways of getting your hands on some money still remain some of the best. Unfortunately, that means you may have to look into getting a local job.

That can be a tall order, especially if you don’t have experience. Fortunately, there are quite a few jobs out there that require very little or no experience at all. Bussing tables is a common example, but there are some surprising options too, like becoming an assistant or a security guard.

Of course, if you have expertise in a certain area, use it to your advantage. For example, if you speak English in an area where English isn’t the first language, you will likely be able to find a job as a translator or an English Teacher.

5) Get a Credit Card

It’s true that there are benefits to funding your travels with a credit card, but there are plenty of cons too. However, if you’re out of options, you may find it provides you with the funds you need while you’re away from home.

As you would when applying for any credit card, it is important to look at the fine print carefully. Compare interest rates, and look for a card that provides you with perks for traveling. You might as well cash in while you’re traveling the world!

Accidents happen, and unfortunately, that means you could find yourself in a foreign country without the funds for a place to sleep, food, or the return home. That just means you have to get resourceful! With the tips on this list, you can get the money you need to wrap up your trip successfully.

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Fashion Trends: Should we Follow Them?



We are not sure if fashion trends affect guys as much as they do to girls. But the major question for today is should we follow fashion trends or should we just wear what we want to wear? So how about we turn it into a discussion? Sounds like a great idea don’t you think so?

We Certainly Do

Why not?

Why shouldn’t we follow fashion trends? After all, we all want to look good and smart. And you have to agree that fashion trends will any trend if they are nicely put together. So we say that if you want to look good and feel good, then fashion trends are the way to go.

Trends are set to be followed

There wouldn’t be a need for the fashion trends if they were not meant to be followed. So just check the designers and follow their trends, it’s least that you could do. Did you know, not only in fashion industry where there are trends, even gambling industry such casino online usa have their own trends.

That someone’s job

Honestly speaking, that’s someone’s bread and butter. We mean all the models are busy trying to make you buy the clothes that they are advertising, so why not help? Besides, we are sure that it is all for a good cause. Besides, what you are wearing today was once a fashion trend at some point. So it all starts with the trend.

No, We Shouldn’t

Dress the way we want to

Let us be honest, some of the fashion trends are just a bit too much. And we on this side say that we should dress the way that we want. Besides, where is the uniqueness if we all parade around town in the same outfit?

Some trends are just ridiculous

We know that there are trends, but some of these fashion statements are fashion crimes instead. The proper word is ridiculous. Yes, we said it, some fashion trends are just out f this world, and not in a good way.


So, should we follow fashion trends or not? Well, we are not sure. Let us take a break and play a few Casinoza casino games, we will be back with you guys in a minute.

Who made the fashion police anyways?

We had prefects and hall monitors the whole of our childhoods can we at least breathe as we are now adults? So why follow trends as if there are the fashion police?


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Bizarre Stuff

6 Totally Weird and Wacky Things to Do in Toronto



Whether you are taking a holiday in Toronto or are exploring flights from Montreal to Toronto for business reasons, why not make the most of your stay? There’s something totally boring about visiting all the usual tourist traps that are just like those found in any other city around the world. When visiting Toronto, why not look for something off the beaten path, something weird and wacky? Here are six of those experiences you won’t want to miss on your next trip to Ontario’s capital, Toronto.

1. Cuddle Parties

Now, this is an odd one and maybe just a bit hard to explain. A Cuddle Party is hosted by people who have been specially trained to facilitate these parties in various locations around North America. This one happens to be located in Toronto and the whole object is to help people become comfortable with the notion of non-sexual touching. It all involves asking and giving permission to touch, and those who have attended these parties have said they were just as entertaining as they were informative. In this world where boundaries have become obscured everywhere from politics to academia, a Cuddle Party is just the way to teach people how to draw boundaries for themselves while recognizing boundaries in others. Again, this is not the dry workshop or lesson you might be expecting, but it is a weird and wacky thing to do when visiting Toronto.

2. Rage Room

So, you’ve finally gotten away from the stress and frustration at the office. You’ve checked for full-service flights from Montreal to Toronto for that extra bit of pampering no longer seen on most airlines and have found what you were looking for on However, don’t let that soothing flight with air stewards treating you like royalty soothe you too much! You want to keep some of that pent-up rage you’ve tried not to direct at that obnoxious co-worker or that demanding boss. Visit the Rage Room at 26 Ashwarren Road where you will get a chance to redirect that rage at inanimate objects. One thing you will appreciate is the fact that your ‘box’ comes with full protective gear and your choice of weapons. Looking for a really wacky thing to do on a trip to Toronto? This is where you can literally let it all out, no holds barred!

3. The Biblio-Mat

Okay, so if it’s bizarre you are looking for, this is one experience that will delight you without being overly expensive. Located at 1229 Dundas St. W, the Biblio-Mat is a vending machine full of vintage books. Some are rare and others just meet the ‘vintage’ classification in that they are from days LONG gone by, but the most fun is when you see the book or books the machine chooses for you. Oh, did we forget to mention that? Unlike your ‘normal’ vending machine, you put the $2 in and the machine spits out a book of its choice. Now imagine going to a candy or soda machine only to be given the selection the machine wants you to have? As bizarre as this may sound, some books are even more bizarre than not getting to choose which books you want! One rare 1970-71 catalog, the Canadian Tire Fall, actually predicted a woman’s character and personality traits based on the shape of her breasts. Now that’s weird and wacky!

4. The Cineforum

It just keeps getting wackier and wackier! How would you like to go to the cinema, only to have the movie operator stand there in the theater screaming and yelling at you? This is touted as an alternative movie experience and is actually hosted in the living room of the man who runs the movies. This is situated in a home designed after the Victorian era and the host, Reg Hartt, put together this avantgarde theater back in 1992. He asks a ‘donation’ of $10 for those under the age of 24 and $20 for those 25 and older. All films are considered to be vintage and this is one host who keeps nothing in reserve if you were to ask for a film of a more modern era. He has been known to verbally abuse and swear at his guests. Remember, it really all is in good fun, so come prepared to be insulted and don’t believe you are being singled out. Well, you are, but all in the spirit of the evening!

5. Imagine Living in Half a House!

Now, this is a weird and wacky site to behold. This is probably one of Toronto’s most famous pieces of real estate. Built back in the 1890s, this house is located on what was once Dummer Street but is now rezoned as 54 ½ St. Patrick Street. The story of this house is intriguing! When the row of houses was sold to make way for urbanization and other construction projects, the owner was more stubborn that most. He refused to sell and so his house, which was much like today’s duplexes or townhouses, was separated from its neighbor in a very precise manner. That took some doing but was made possible thanks to a creative demolition where the load-bearing wall that divided the two homes remained intact. The exterior wall was more decorative than functional, giving the entire building the look of a single unit, and now the remaining half has become an oft-visited curiosity in Toronto.

6. Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library

While not quite as weird and wacky as you might be led to believe, there are some fairly unusual characteristics of this library located on 120 St. George Street. Have you noticed yet that many of these weird experiences are located on streets named for saints? Maybe their ghosts inhabit these neighborhoods and that might be just what you’d expect when walking into a library that is home to an original Egyptian papyrus manuscript or some of Charles Darwin’s annotated proofs. What about Shakespeare’s First Folio dated 1623 and other books which can be handled by visitors? Reviewers of this library state that the ceiling to floor bookshelves in rooms of exposed floors are eerie enough to put you in a mindset of a Grimm’s Fairy Tale! If you thought the 1623 Shakespeare was old, that ancient Egyptian papyrus dated 245 B.C. is something to behold. It isn’t just the books that make this a weird and wacky adventure but the whole atmosphere in which the library is situated.

So, there you have six of the wackiest things you could hope to experience in Toronto, and if you aren’t excited to visit any one of these, then perhaps those flights from Montreal to Toronto should have landed in the Bermuda Triangle! Why go on a holiday or a business trip to a city where all you do is enjoy the very same sights and dining experiences you do back home? It’s time for a little excitement in your life, so if you haven’t got it in you to throw your laptop at the boss or cuddle up to a perfect stranger, this is the city you ‘should’ be visiting. Take time out to do something weird and wacky today to face all those mundane and totally boring tomorrows. You’ll be so glad you did!


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Have Movies Changed People’s Lives?



They are one of the most popular sources of entertainment besides sports betting. This is not only for individuals but also for couples and families. Movies have different genres. The reason for this is that they have the knowledge that they are producing these films for different people with different needs. And they try by all means to make sure that they meet everyone’s expectations.

But with this article, we are going to slide on the academic side a little bit. As we explore that fact that, do films cause people to turn people into zombies.

Are people being zombified?

Paul Lazarsfeld came up with one of the most debatable topics ever. He came up with a theory that is referred to as the magic bullet theory. It is also known as the hypodermic Needle theory. It suggests that the media has so much effect on people to the extent that whatever people see they just take it in.

It proposes that the media is like a gun and the bullet is the message that they send to people. And this gun does not miss but once the bullet hits the target that is the audience it wounds them meaning that they receive the message as is and take it in as is as well.

The audience is seen as zombies. And this might be true to a certain extent. People have started copying dressing trends from movies or films. Movies are even influencing the design of online casino games at best online gambling sites. And apparently, movies and films are now the platforms that people have chosen to use to communicate their truth.

And this is something that has always been done for a very long time. Look at how they started with documentaries and now feature films. So now the real question is are the producers making people act out real-life situations or people have adopted the behavior that they see on the telly in movies. Food for thought?

Either way, movies have always been a great aspect of our lives and will always be. They have been there for a good cause and not to separate the world but to entertain and to teach.


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Bizarre Rules Imposed On NBA Players



As much as NBA players pull wonderful and thrilling stunts on the court, it’s actually hidden that they play with some bizarre rules imposed on them. NBA like any other sports association has their own rules that must be followed by players, coaches and also the match officials. Probably you are an NBA fan and you missed this Intel on the bizarre rules that are there, we are here to keep you informed.

No Logos in the NBA Except For Shoes

We all know that players in Football, Rugby can have funky haircuts with some written logo. Just like how we witness the flamboyant Paul Pogba’s haircut which is all funky and colorful. However, in the NBA, players are not allowed to have any Logo for a certain brand be it a Nike, Adidas or online mobile slots logo. There is a case study that can clarify this; Iman Shumpert who plays for Sacramento Kings can be a practical example.

In 2013 the player had an Adidas logo as part of the haircut, but the NBA top official urged the lad to take it off. Item 5 of Section H of the NBA rule book that governs players, team conduct and dressing reads; the only article bearing a commercial logo which can be worn by players is their shoes. The following day Shumpert shaved off the haircut.

No Timberlands

NBA players usually rock sneakers when they are in the field of play. However, the Timberland shoe is one of the shoes that basketball players are not allowed to wear when they are on the basketball courts. If you thought online gambling was bizarre, think again. This rule is applicable either when you are playing or not because players are not even allowed to rock the iconic Timberland in the presence of their fans.


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