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Want To BackPack Across Europe? Consider These Things First



Backpacking across Europe – it’s a once in a lifetime experience! However, you want to make sure you get the planning and preparation right. You don’t want to set off on your trip and then realize that you’ve forgotten something essential.

Here, you’ll find some expert advice for your Europe backpacking trip that’ll make sure you enjoy a memorable vacation.

Baggage Weight

The very first tip to bear in mind relates to your baggage weight. If you pack too much you’re never going to be able to enjoy sightseeing. Aim for an absolute maximum bag weight of 15kg and preferably less than 10kg.

Choose the Right Bag

The best size of backpack to take with you is a rucksack that holds under 50 liters so you can carry it more easily. Ideally, a bag which also has a detachable day pack is the best choice since it is very multifunctional. There are lots of perfect backpacks found on so pay the site a visit and find the perfect one for you.

Get Your Packing Technique Right

You don’t have a lot of room in your bag, so make sure your packing skills are up to scratch. Rolling up your clothes is the best way to maximize space, and the old trick of stuffing your shoes with underwear and socks really works. You could even invest in packing cubes which are an amazingly inventive way to save space in your baggage.

Choose The Right Clothes

One of the problems when backpacking across Europe is the range of weather conditions you’re likely to encounter. You’ll need a versatile capsule wardrobe, preferably in neutral colors which work well together so you have more outfit options. Plan to layer clothing so you’ll be able to handle both cold and warm days.

Get The Shoes Right

You need to make sure that you get your footwear choices right. Nobody wants sore, blistered feet when backpacking. Choose footwear which is sturdy but breathable and break it in before you go. A pair of breathable and water resistant sneakers is a great choice, although you’ll also need a cheap pair of flip flops to wear in showers and on the beach. If you’re female and want a pair of smarter shoes for going out in the evening, a pair of fold-able ballet flats will take up virtually no space at all but will still look smart and attractive.

Don’t Forget Extra SD Cards

You’ll want to preserve your special vacation memories, so make sure to take a few spare SD cards so you can capture every moment without worrying about lacking space on your device.

Reading Material

You definitely don’t want to carry a dozen paperbacks around with you. An E-reader is a perfect way to take hundreds of books on vacation in one small and convenient package. If you also choose one with an integrated backlight you’ll be able to read in the dark without needing a reading light as well as on buses and trains without any problems.

Remember Your Adapters

Europe has two different plug types so make sure to invest in a universal plug adapter to take with you so you won’t struggle to charge up any of your devices on the road. While you’re remembering your adapters, don’t forget to pack all your charging cables otherwise you’ll not be able to use any of your essential gadgets on the road until you can find a store.

A First Aid Kit

Although nobody plans for anything to go wrong while they’re backpacking across Europe, sometimes you’ll encounter a problem. Whether you have painful mosquito bites, a cut, a blister or a burn, you’ll need to make sure you have a way of treating the problem quickly and easily. A small first aid kit is the obvious choice. It’ll pack neatly into your backpack and will have everything you need in an emergency. Whether you get travelers’ tummy or a headache, you’ll be well equipped.

If you keep these top tips in mind, you’ll be well prepared for your special vacation. You’re sure to have an amazing time with no discomfort, no problems and no hassle on the way!


Hello All! My name is Chris and I am a 32 year old entrepreneur that has always been fascinated with anything that is different from the everyday norm . Lately, it has been hard to keep up with everything, whether it's cool and weird places to visit, or new bands that are creating different sounds.

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Odds of Going to Mars before 2025? 



The Mars One program recently went bankrupt after years of hype and excitement surrounding its intent. Clearly, the ambitions of the company far exceeded the size of their wallet. NASA made claims that the program vastly underestimated the costs of space travel and were way off in their budgeting goals. It’s unfortunate, as the Mars One premise seemed promising when it produced its 100 person shortlist a few years back. There are likely many disappointed candidates who will be left in the dust when the real voyage begins one day. With that said, there are still big names throwing their hat in the ring to be the first pioneers to step foot on the “Red Planet”.

Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are constantly being linked to Mars and with good reason. They have billions of dollars to work with. The SpaceX organization led by Elon Musk and the Blue Origin company helmed by Jeff Bezos are the current frontrunners to go to Mars first. They have quibbled with one another in the media and have brought back some of the fun to space travel that we haven’t seen since the 1960’s. It might be a matter of smoke and mirrors but the battle between the two super-moguls is fun to watch!

Even sportsbooks are getting in on the fun. They currently predict a 25% chance that a human will set foot on Mars by Dec 31, 2024. They also have SpaceX as the likely organization to do it. These odds are long but it’s hard to predict what type of technology the powerful organization is creating behind closed doors.

We’ll have to stay tuned as only time will tell.

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All about Frostbites



Cold weather is beautiful. However, extremely cold weather may be really bad for you. In fact, it may rob you of the tips of your fingers, nose, chin, toes or ears. This happens when the skin and the tissue under the skin freezes. In this article, we will discuss all about frostbites.

All about Frostbites

The knowledge in this article will equip you. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

Cold and wind chill

Frostbites depend on outside temperature. Also, they are affected by the wind chill factor. Our bodies cool faster as the speed of the wind increases. As a result, the temperature of our skin will drop. For this reason, we advise that you stay indoors most of the time when it is cold. Instead of moving around when it’s cold, we suggest that you stay indoors and enjoy the world of online sports betting on your mobile.

Who is at risk?

You’re at a higher risk of getting frostbites if:

  • Have poor blood supply to the legs
  • You smoke
  • Have diabetes
  • Take beta-blockers
  • Have Raynaud syndrome

Also, older or homeless people are at high risk. Furthermore, hiking and hunting without proper clothing can also put you at a very high risk of frostbites. We bet now that people who take drugs and drink excessively are at high risk as well.

The stages of frostbite

Frostnip is the first stage of frostbite. At this stage, you will get a pins-and-needles feeling as well as redness. You can simply stick your fingers into your armpits to warm them up. You can also warm your feet in warm water.

The second stage is superficial frostbite. Here, the skin turns pale white, greyish-yellow or blue. Ice crystals form under the skin making it numb and hard. The skin may warm up and swell. This means that tissue is getting damaged. Blisters may develop and skin may burn, sting and swell. Now, you need medical attention.

The third stage is deep frostbite. The skin will appear blue and mottled. Also, you will be numb to the cold and pain. Blisters filled with blood will form. Furthermore, muscles may stop working. As a result, you may develop blood clots. See a doctor immediately for anti-clotting medications.


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Honda CR-V: The best Japanese entry yet into the Crossover market




The Honda CR-V has been around since quite a while now and It has managed to successfully etch itself in the hearts of American car buyers. It is the carmaker’s top-selling model and for good reason too. After going through a thorough overhaul, the 2018 Honda CR-V, now in its 5th generation is back with a bang and has arguably set a benchmark for other MPVs to follow.

Rather than adding superficial features on the list, Honda has given the 2018 CR-V some serious mechanical upgrades in addition to the bevy of feel-good quirks that the vehicle has always been known. It is actually one of those cars that makes life tough for car critics because theoretically, the 2018 Honda CR-V is faultless.The 2018 Honda CR-V review will make everything clear about the car.

Despite the fact that CR-V falls in a segment which is, at present, as fiery as it can get, it still manages to be a worthy successor to the outgoing variant. Sporting a starting price of just a shy over $25,000, the 2018 Honda CR-V looks to conquer its segment once again.

Driving and Performance

Under the bonnet is either a 2.4L 4 pot burner or a 1.5L turbocharged motor depending on the variant chosen with both of them paired to a CVT shifter. The engines are good for 184 hp and 180 lb-ft of torque and 190 hp and 179 lb-ft torque respectively. The numbers are most certainly not earth shattering but they do the job rather decently.

Just like its predecessor, the 5th gen CR-V offers a compliant and subtle ride. Honda has also updated the suspension of the 2018 CR-V which reduces the body roll even further and curbs any sort of discomfort to the side. Being a soft-roader, the CR-V fits the bill extremely well.

However, acceleration and speed is not what the car was made for and its rather apparent as well. Even after putting up a decent 0 to 60 mph timing of 7.5 seconds the car feels like a slouch. The turbo motors help the cause to an extent but that being said, buying this vehicle will successfully put all your racecar dreams to sleep.


The 2018 Honda CR-V borrows its dash from the Civic which means its entirely modernized. The 7-inch infotainment screen might be a pain in the behind to use but it sure grants a futuristic look to the cabin. The cabin itself is filled with a lot of feel-good materials and features. There is no shortage of intuitive quirks inside the cars as well with a few of them being height adjustable boot door for tight garages and vented windows.

The 2018 Honda CR-V is possibly one of the most opulent and user-friendly car from the inside. It features a perfect balance of contemporary faux wood panels and modern looking chrome inserts. The luggage space on the vehicle also happens to be the largest in its class.


The 2018 CR-V not only looks good from the inside but the outside well sculpted as well. Owing to its small proportions, the car looks much smaller from the outside than it actually is in reality. It is not particularly flashy but it does feature a few chrome bits here and there.

Completing the modern looks are the LED lamps all around the car which takes it a step further on the journey of modernizing.


The CR-V is Honda’s top-selling car and they’ve taken hard steps to ensure the safety of the car. The car has achieved the perfect score in crash test results and has gained the accolades of Top Safety Pick by the IIHS.

Unlike other manufacturers, the Honda CR-V gets the complete safety suit from the base variant itself which shows the carmaker’s commitment to safety.

Final Verdict for 2018 Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V is certainly one of the most complete family haulers you can buy at the moment. It features a perfect blend of practicality and luxury. It does a few minor pitfalls like lack of dynamics and frustrating MMI but according to the numbers, it is still going to sell like hot cakes for the time to come. All in all, the 2018 CR-V qualifies with top marks in class and will continue to sell in good numbers.


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Chevrolet Colorado: A smaller Silverado with no compromise on power or practicality



The Chevrolet Colorado is an all American mid-size pick-up truck. Colorado is a jack of all trades i.e. it has got the capability and long hauling characteristics of a pick-up truck, it has got a car like fuel efficiency numbers and it also handles better than the average pick-up truck. It also has some offroading credentials under the belt.

The 2018 Colorado is offered in 5 trim levels, comes in 2 cab styles (extended and crew) with option choose from 2-bed lengths. The ZR2 is the top of the line trim level and comes with a list of features and goodies and also off-road capabilities. The entry-level trim of the Chevy Colorado is priced at $20200 while the ZR2 trim is priced at $40400. Colorado faces stiff competition from the equally capable mid-size trucks, namely the Honda Ridgeline and the Toyota Tacoma.

Colorado comes with two petrol engines and 3 gearbox options, a 2.5 liter, inline four-pot engine coupled to a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission. The 3.6-liter V6 engine comes mated to an 8-speed torque converter automatic box only. The smaller engine churns out about 200 horses while the bigger 6 cylinder engine pumps out 308 horses. The smaller engine helps you score big in terms of fuel efficiency while the bigger engine clearly offers you a more hauling capacity. The V6 unit is throaty and loud, it suits the personality of a pick-up truck. When equipped with the V6 engine, the Chevy Colorado can shoot can smash the 60 MPH marker in about 6.7 seconds. However, the engine fumbles at lower rev range and so the transmission hesitates while downshifting. The four-cylinder pot engine, on the other hand, is tuned for efficiency. With lesser cylinders, 2018 Chevy Colorado mpg is 20 in the city while on the highway it can cruise up to 26 mpg. However, the 6 cylinder engine does 16 miles in the city and 18 miles on the highway on a gallon of gas. As standard, power is only sent to the front wheels but you can avail the 4×4 drivetrain for off-roading and towing purposes. Once you do that, you get electronically controlled locking differentials both at the front and the rear.

The steering of this Chevy pickup is decent and it feels precise. The steering is weighted well but it somehow fails to offer the amount of feedback you would expect it to. The suspension set up is on the firmer side and if you hit a bump or pothole at high speed you will feel the repercussions. The former setup also controls the body roll and brings the overall handling experience closer to a car.

Coming to the interiors, the Chevrolet Colorado could use a premium touch. Step in and you find rather basic and firmly cushioned upright seats. You are seated pretty height off the ground and offered a commanding view of the street. The controls and switches are nicely placed and neatly labeled so that you can easily operate them without taking your eyes off the road. In the extended cab also, the rear seats are pretty cramped and tall passengers will definitely have a tough time sitting in there. The dashboard is all done in hard plastic and isn’t really appealing and somehow feels cheap. In-car technology is good due to Chevy’s MyLink system. The system is intuitive and is easy to use. You also get Apple Carplay and Android Auto. As you climb up the ladder of the variants, you get a premium Bose Surround sound system that offers some audiophile level experience in your pickup truck.

Driver assistance systems do not come as standard and you do have to shell out extra bucks to avail them. You get a forward collision system and a lane departure warning system which work really well but they can get a bit too sensitive at times which some people might find annoying.

Chevy Colorado on the outside looks handsome and strong. The chunky front fascia gives it a solid look. Pay $500 extra and you get the glowing Chevy bow-tie logo which is party trick to make your Colorado look a bit cooler than the rest. The Chevy also features the longest bed in its class, thereby offering a decent amount of cargo storage. Colorado also boasts a towing capacity of 7000 lbs. This one also gets a 7-way electrical connector, integrated trailer-brake controller and also an exhaust brake.

With the Colorado pickup, Chevrolet has offered a very attractive package. Colorado drives well, offers a good list of features and at the same time is utilitarian. It pretty much ticks all the right boxes and doesn’t leave much for us to complain about. We would have only expected Chevy to equip Colorado with some premium interiors at least in the top spec variants. Summing things up, we would rather say that if you’re hunting for a pickup truck, then Colorado is a serious contender and should be on your list.


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VW Tiguan: The Next Gen German Crossover



The 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan is much bigger and better than the previous version. The new version looks good from various angles. Catchy exterior such that comprises of distinct lines running along its body and bold bumper at the front has the capability to woo you in an instant. Features such as chrome finished grille and stylish LED dotted tail-lights further enhances the appeal. It is rugged and sophisticated at the same time and is built for thrills. The latest version is fully redesigned with extra room and a third row. Fuel-efficiency has also been enhanced. The 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan now offers comprehensive driver safety features.

The Tiguan is available in four trim levels: S, SE, SEL, SEL Premium.

S model: has a turbocharged 2-liter engine that is capable of delivering 184 hp and 221 pound-feet of torque, standard front-wheel drive and optional all-wheel drive, 17-inch wheels, roof rails, heated side mirrors, adaptive fog lights and automatic headlights, 6.5-inch touchscreen display, and other standard features. 2018 volkswagen tiguan msrp starts from $24,595

SE model: equipped with Driver Assistance features, heated water nozzles, keyless entry and ignition, heated front seats, dual-zone climate control, 8-inch touchscreen, and other standard features.

Starting price: $26,750

SEL model: this model offers sunroof and has 18-inch wheelbase, remote start, adaptive cruise control, power liftgate, and other features.

Starting price: $31,090

SEL Premium model: comes with adaptive LED headlights, hands-free liftgate, automatic wipers, nine-speaker premium Fender sound system and extra driver assistance features that include a top-down parking camera system, lane departure warning, and intervention, front and rear parking sensors along with automatic high-beam control.

Starting price: $36,250

Driving and Performance

The Volkswagen Tiguan offers good power output while on-road driving but it is comparatively slow to get up and go on the highway. The Tiguan has a 184-hp four-cylinder engine paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission. The fuel economy of Tiguan is ordinary. The car can get 22 mpg in the city and 27 mpg on the highway in front-wheel drive models.

As far as ride quality is concerned it is excellent in case of Tiguan. The 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan comes with standard front-wheel drive and the all-wheel drive is available. The all-wheel-drive system offers reliable road grip even during inclement weather. J.D. Power has provided it a 4 out of 5 reliability rating.


The base Tiguan has three rows and can easily seat seven people. The all-wheel-drive models, on the other hand, has two rows and an optional third row. Five passengers can sit comfortably in these models.

The Tiguan has good interior quality and the cabin materials seem nice. Two full sets of LATCH car-seat connectors are available in the second-row seats while the seat has only a tether anchor. The Tiguan has approx 12 cubic feet of cargo space when all the seats are in use. The infotainment system in Tiguan is advanced. The car is well-equipped with a 6.5-inch touch screen, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, MirrorLink, and a USB port.


The 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan has a clean look that is well complemented by bold lines. The honeycomb design along its front bumper is noticeable. The Tiguan is built with hundred percent galvanized steel.


The latest version of Volkswagen Tiguan is unsurpassed when safety features are considered. The IIHS gave it the highest rating of Good in all five crash test categories and named it a top safety pick. The NHTSA also gave the Tiguan a perfect five-star rating based on its excellent performance in side crash tests.

The available safety features include adaptive cruise control, front and rear parking sensors, rear cross traffic alert, blind spot monitoring, pedestrian detection and forward collision warning among others.

Final Verdict

The 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan is a decent compact SUV. The car offers excellent safety features and has a bold exterior. The interior is available with plenty of rooms and cargo space. The fuel economy is not that great when compared to other vehicles in the class. Overall, it is a good SUV but a strategic comparison must be done before purchasing.


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Five Vintage Rolex Watches



C:\Users\A\Downloads\Rolex Explorer 1655.jpg

A Rolex watch, no matter the model or the time when it was made, will get everyone’s attention in no time. However, there is nothing comparable to a classic vintage Rolex. Not only they have the famous design of the brand, but they also have the charm of the time. These are some of the most popular and intriguing vintage Rolex watches that you can choose from:

  • Submariner 1680- The Rolex Submariner watch is also known as “the Red submariner”. Most of the Rolex watches have a white writing on the dial, but some of the Submariner had a red one; this was probably the first sign that this watch was going to be one of the popular ones. Nowadays, it is considered a rare and luxurious piece and not many people can say that they had the chance to wear one. Made from 1969 to 1979, it wasn’t considered a huge success from the first, but soon enough every elegant person in the world had to own one. C:\Users\A\Downloads\Submariner 1680.jpg
  • Paul Newman Daytona 6241– The Daytona watch was produced first in the 60’s, and it seemed like it will not be a big success. That is why it was produced in a limited edition first that disappeared from the stores in a matter of days. Now, there are many Daytona watches that can be found in excellent condition, and if you take a look at its classic design you can understand why so many prefer it even nowadays.

C:\Users\A\Downloads\Paul Newman Daytona 6241.jpg

  • Rolex Explorer 1655- This watch is the dream of any Rolex collector, as it is quite difficult to find one that is in good condition. Named “Steve McQueen” or “Freccione” by aficionados, the watch was produced between 1971 and 1984. It has five different versions that are as equally valuable. At first, it was designed for cave explorers and because of this it has a 24-hour military bezel that helped the explorers find out quickly if outside it is day or night. Although the 24 hour hand was red in its original form, nowadays all the watches have it orange because of the discoloration.

C:\Users\A\Downloads\Rolex Explorer 1655.jpg

  • GMT-Master 1675- The GMT Master 1675 was produced between 1959 and 1980 and it was the first model of Rolex to have a crown guard. There are two different versions available, but the differences between the two are so small that only a real enthusiast could notice them. Both are extremely valuable nowadays and difficult to find in a good condition, especially because many consider that the GMT Master is the ancestor of the modern Rolex.

C:\Users\A\Downloads\GMT-Master 1675.jpg

  • Day-Date 1803- Launched in 1956, the Day Date Rolex was a sleek, elegant piece that was welcomed with a lot of joy by the ones fascinated by the brand. With a small window that shows the date and a bracelet that featured a hidden clasp, there is no surprise that it was difficult to find a Day date Rolex even after a few days after it appeared on the market. Some believe that it was one of the most popular watches during that time. Winston Churchill owned a pink-gold piece, while Eisenhower had a yellow gold one. That is why the Day Date is also known as the “President” watch.

C:\Users\A\Downloads\Day-Date 1803.jpg

Vintage watches are pieces worth investing in, as their value will always increase. Finding the perfect watch to buy might be a difficult task at first, but it will be worth it every time the watch will show up from under an elegant coat. Are vintage watches better and more valuable than modern, mainstream ones?

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