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5 Different Types of Food Unique To Hong Kong



Travelling to a new place is an exciting time for many reasons with the different types of unique foods to the area being a top reason for many people. Hong Kong is known around the world for its unique blend of traditional and exotic arrangements of food that are a major favorite among many food experts and connoisseurs around the world and for good reason. It is hard to compete with the wide variety of flavor and diversity that is unique only to that of the Hong Kong culture and recipes which provide it with its everlasting fame. The following list consists of some of the dishes that are most authentic and original to Hong Kong. But if you wish for a more detailed list of Food Touring experiences in Hong Kong, click here!

1) Sweet and Sour Chicken / Beef

Hong Kong is famous for its sweet and sour sauces that have given it a reputation around the world like no other. Whether on chicken or beef, or any other type of meat, the sweet and sour sauce recipe is a flavor that is among the most signature of Hong Kong and a must try for anyone looking to get a traditional feel for flavor in Hong Kong. The diversity in this particular flavor and its ability to contrast both the sensations and sweetness and tanginess at the same time has been the foundational base for foods enjoyed in the Hong Kong region and makes it among the most signature aspects of food culture in this part of the world in particular.

2) Wantons

The wanton is another foundational dish associated with the culture and tradition of Hong Kong which includes a specialty made wanton dough wrap filled with shrimp or pork among a wide variety of other variations. The element that differentiates the Hong Kong wanton from other variations of dumplings are their unique shapes and methods of preparation / serving. Some wantons are boiled while others are deep fried. Some are served with noodles which is especially original to Hong Kong and has a special name of Sai Yung. This is the recipe that is original to Hong Kong and has become a custom known specifically to the area. It is a must try for anyone considering visiting the area and getting a taste for the regions most iconic food.

3) Roast Goose

Roast Goose is especially traditional and a custom part of the Hong Kong experience. Central Hong Kong is known for its unique preparation of the Roast Goose that dates back many years. The Hong Kong recipe for this dish involves a combination of unique flavors including ginger, sory, garlic, orange peel, and a variety of Hong Kong blended spices. The combination provides this dish with a unique flavor that cannot be compared to any other. For this reason, this dish in particular is exceptionally traditional and also a must to consider on any trip to the Hong Kong area. There are many places in downtown and central Hong Kong that specialize particularly in this specialized dish that has been seen as a main part of the culture and tradition of the people in this area.

4) Fish Balls

No trip to Hong Kong can be made without witnessing the areas tremendous love for the Fish Ball. Just as it sounds, this particular recipe prepares seafood in the form of rolled balls that are served as bite size horderves suitable both of on the go and traditional eating. The recipe as received a significant amount of popularity over the years and resulted in a widespread adoption by the area as a regular food. Some served individually while others are served with other foods such as noodles. Regardless of the method of serving, it is likely that this particular type of dish is going to be another one of those dishes that are very widespread and unique to the area.

5) Hong Kong Noodles

Noodles come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes but they form an essential part of the Hong Kong food experience. Served in noodles more prepared individually and fried in several different ways, the Hong Kong noodles are very common to the Hong Kong area and likely to make their way into a recipe in one way or another. One of the attributes about Hong Kong noodles that distinguishes them is the particular manner in which they are prepared, Rickshaw Noodles are used generally in soup and form the main use of noodles in the soup form. Fried noodles in Hong Kong are often prepared with a mixture of soy sauces and other flavorings that provide it with an exceptional flavor that is unique to the region. However, with so many variations on the methods and preparation of noodles, every place is likely to prepare their own in a particular way which makes every exposure to noodles in Hong Kong a unique experience.


There are many other foods that are unique to Hong Kong, but these are among the most well known for the Hong Kong area in particular and guaranteed to be a part of any food tour. If there are any recipes unique to Hong Kong that you feel we should have included, let us know below!

Hello All! My name is Chris and I am a 32 year old entrepreneur that has always been fascinated with anything that is different from the everyday norm . Lately, it has been hard to keep up with everything, whether it's cool and weird places to visit, or new bands that are creating different sounds.

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Hamburg: A Must-See! when traveling through Germany



Hamburg is considered the Amsterdam of Germany. Culture, lifestyle, amazing food, peculiar bars, ancient traditions, funky music … this city has it all! Hamburg is truly bizarre.

The “Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg” – This is the full name of the second biggest city in Germany. Should you be planning to visit this amazing country, Hamburg is a great place to start your journey. The city will blow your mind on all sorts of levels! You’ll find out that the allegedly unfriendly and stuck up “Hamburgers” – yup … that’s what you call the citizens of this city – are super chilled and very welcoming. While discovering the city you’ll feel like traveling across time. One moment, you’re in awe of the old brick buildings of the historic Speicher Stadt and just a few steps further, you’ll be surrounded by the futuristic vibes from the newest city district called “Hafen City”. During your time in Hamburg, you can organize one of a kind stag do weekend and you and your crew can start exploring one of the most vibrant music scenes Germany has to offer, walk through the most famous red-light district in the country, visit historic landmarks and end an all-nighter while admiring the sunrise over the harbor and eating a fresh “Fisch-Brötchen” (fish roll) from the famous Fish Market.

Great Hotels and Hostels in Hamburg

In general: Traveling through Germany – especially in the big cities – is not the cheapest trip you’ll make. But although Hamburg is considered one of the more up-priced places to visit, you can keep you costs quite low if you choose to crash in one of the many hostels throughout the city. Take the “MEININGER Hamburg City Center” as an example. This new hostel is perfectly located and with 11 Euro per night in a mixed dorm room, quite a bargain! If money is not a concern, you may choose among some of the most stylish design hotels Germany has to offer or book a suite for 3,000 Euro per night in the brand-new Westin Hotel at the “Elbphilharmonie”.

Germany’s most famous red-light district: the “Reeperbahn”

No matter where you are in Germany, everybody knows the “Reeperbahn” in Hamburg. This red-light district in St. Pauli has been the source of stories, legends, dramas and much, much more. Back in the days, the Reeperbahn was a street where lonely sailors could let off some steam, where crime thrived and where decent folks would not go after 6 pm. However, this infamous place was also a pivot for the young and wild! For example: The Beatles had their first breakthrough in the legendary “Star Club”, which was located on the Reeperbahn. Today, the vibe of the forbitten fruit still lingers. You’ll come across several brothels, gigantic sex-toy supermarkets (one is actually called “Boutique Bizarre”) and many shady bars. If you’re a single guy looking for company, you are in the right place. Alternatively, you could also just give a call to one of the most renowned escort agencies in Hamburg and enjoy a discreet date with a German model. Or you may just tick this little adventure off and check out all the other highlights this pulsating city has in store for you …

Cool things to do in Hamburg

Where to begin? Hamburg is filled to the brim with amazing options. Walking through the city, you could check out some of the impressive points of interest, like the Speicher Stadt, the St. Michaelis Church (aka. The “Michel”) or stroll along the famous “Jungfernstieg”. Foodies will love this city! Even though it sounds strange and looks even stranger, try a portion of “Labskaus” (salted meat, potatoes, beetroot, gherkins, herring and a fried egg – all on one plate!). On a culinary level, it does not get more typical than this in Hamburg. If that’s too much for your taste buds, don’t worry. Hamburg offers culinary delights from all over the globe. And because it just sounds so perfect: have a Hamburger in Hamburg. The right place to do that is a place called “Most Wanted Burger” … amazing! After a hearty meal, it’s time to dive into the pulsating nightlife in Hamburg! You’ll find an abundance of cool bars, chilled out lounges and fantastic clubs. As an example: Check out the legendary Mojo Club on the Reeperbahn.

Whatever you’ll do, Hamburg will blow your mind in the most positive way imaginable. Enjoy!

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Looking for a change? Consider moving to these exotic locations



Most of us crave stability. Some permanence allows us to feel a measure of control over our lives, but it’s when things change that control is revealed to be an illusion, when we see that the future remains completely unpredictable. Many of us know someone who is stuck in a specific phase of life, unable to move on, even though life itself has already moved on: as they say, you cannot step in the same river twice.

And if you’re looking for a big change, then starting a life in a new country can be an amazing opportunity to improve your quality of life, expand your horizons and get a fresh perspective. Considering immigration? Here are some of the most exotic locations you could consider for your next holiday, test out the waters, and just maybe make that change permanent!

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Why visit?

It’s quite simple really. Everyone else is running off to Thailand or Vietnam, but relatively few even consider Cambodia. The capital city is Phnom Pen, rife with splendid paradox: bustling yet calm, unpredictable yet familiar, a sad history but a hopeful attitude for the future. Cambodia is also affordable, the locals (The Khmer – pronounced: “Koo-mai”) are kind and welcoming, and there’s tons to do. Get in touch with your inner-self while exploring Angkor Wat, an ancient Buddhist temple; or enjoy Cambodia’s beautiful untouched beaches.

Why move here permanently?

It’s much easier to get a work visa for Cambodia than neighboring Thailand, the cost of living is extremely attractive, and a two-hour lunch break is the norm!


Why visit?

It’s quite difficult to imagine an exotic location list without Mauritius. If you’re like most people, you’ve pictured yourself lying down on a sandy beach in the shade while the ocean does its thing. Just thinking about it is already relaxing. But maybe this doesn’t need to be only a fantasy. With breathtaking views, perfect weather, and a supreme sense of relaxation catalyzed by the island’s natural calm, the only thing missing might be you!

Why move here permanently?

Thanks to forward-thinking initiatives by the Mauritian government to encourage foreign investment, Mauritius immigration requirements are pretty relaxed for a country many would consider a paradise. Excellent health care and education make it a great choice for families too.

Porto Heli, Greece

Why visit?

Maybe when you hear the word: “Greece”, an image of old men with white beards suddenly appears in your mind’s eye; they are debating; philosophizing. Or maybe when you hear the word “Greece” you think of Democracy, and how our thoughts have been shaped by ancient people. There is, however, one thing that many minds do not jump to, and that is Porto Heli. Featuring gorgeous scenery with hilltops along the seaside, as well as an innate sense of awe at the majesty of the ever-present ocean; Porto Heli seems to be one of Greece’s best kept secrets. Sail through the coves, enjoy delicious Greek cuisine, look out at the Riviera while the cascading sunset ushers in the cool mountain breeze, all while waves crash gently in the distance. Porto Heli isn’t just exotic; it’s exquisite.

Why move here permanently?

Low crime rate, affordability (especially when it comes to food), good work opportunities for those fluent in modern Greek, and friendly, welcoming locals.

Cape Town, South Africa

Why visit?

This South African city has a vast, authentic, eccentric and unique plethora of restaurants and small businesses on offer. Taste the local cuisine, take a walk on the beach while the piercingly magnificent Table Mountain rests comfortably in the background, explore art galleries at night, or, if you’re feeling more traditional, have a South African braai under the stars. Cape Town has wonderful eccentricities, just buzzing with interesting sounds and exotic tastes, and we haven’t even mentioned the famous wine routes or the wild game reserves. Whether travelling solo or with a family, rest assured that Cape Town is sure to satisfy every need and more.

Why move here permanently?

Variety of accommodation to choose from, endless entertainment, good work opportunities for those in the creative fields.

Isle of Sky, Scotland

Why visit?

There are many different types of exotic – different flavors, if you will; and if the kind of exotic you’re looking for includes Medieval castles, rugged landscapes, and pubs by the harbor, then the Isle of Sky might just be your dream come true, seriously. Scotland’s second largest island is decorated with towering sea cliffs, nothing short of breathtaking. The Isle is exactly what you need when ordinary life starts to get a little too mundane.

Why move here permanently?

Close-knit community and escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

They say a change is as good as a holiday – this is because a holiday is a change. If you’re looking for a change of pace, a fresh start, or a better place to raise a family or spend your retirement, then changing up your environment could be just the ticket!


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What to Do If You Run Out of Money While Traveling



The dream of traveling abroad can quickly turn into a nightmare if you find yourself out of funds. Whether you were let go from a job prematurely, you lost access to your bank account, or you simply ran out of money, it’s important to know what to do to keep yourself afloat.

Here are some tips you can try that will enable you to get the cash you need.

1) Ask for Help from Friends and Family

Arguably, the quickest and easiest way to get your hands on the funds you need when traveling abroad is simply to ask for help from friends and family back home. This is an especially good idea if you haven’t actually run out of money—you’ve just lost access to your funds and you just want to get home.

Remitly makes it easy to get the cash you need, no matter where in the world you find yourself. Friends and family members can send cash in mere minutes that you can then pick up at a local bank.

There are other ways to get the money you need. PayPal is a popular option that is fast and efficient, as long as you both already have an account. Facebook Messenger also has payment options.

2) Get in on the Local Gig Economy

If asking friends and family for cash is out of the question, the next quickest option is to get in on the local gig economy. There are countless apps and jobs you can take on in an instant that will allow you to make cash before the sun even sets.

A few ideas include:

  • Help someone move
  • Housesit for someone in the area
  • Sell some of your belongings
  • Deliver dry cleaning, groceries, and food

There are apps that make these sorts of jobs a lot easier, but don’t be afraid to post bulletins in area establishments, as long as you have their permission.

3) Get on the Internet

The gig economy isn’t just for physical tasks and jobs. There’s a whole world wide web out there full of jobs that can be completed on the internet from any location, as long as you have a computer.

This is also a great way to tap into skills you already have, instead of just becoming a task master for people who need work done. Marketers can find digital marketing opportunities online, designers can get into graphic design online, and writers can find a plethora of opportunities in fiction, nonfiction, marketing, and much more.

Some of the best freelance websites include:

  • Upwork
  • PeoplePerHour
  • 99designs
  • GetACoder
  • iFreelance

Don’t forget to check Craigslist, if it exists in the area where you’re staying! There are a lot of quick, easy jobs that can be completed on-location, but there are a surprising number of internet-based jobs that can get you the cash you need too.

4) Get a Local Job

The traditional ways of getting your hands on some money still remain some of the best. Unfortunately, that means you may have to look into getting a local job.

That can be a tall order, especially if you don’t have experience. Fortunately, there are quite a few jobs out there that require very little or no experience at all. Bussing tables is a common example, but there are some surprising options too, like becoming an assistant or a security guard.

Of course, if you have expertise in a certain area, use it to your advantage. For example, if you speak English in an area where English isn’t the first language, you will likely be able to find a job as a translator or an English Teacher.

5) Get a Credit Card

It’s true that there are benefits to funding your travels with a credit card, but there are plenty of cons too. However, if you’re out of options, you may find it provides you with the funds you need while you’re away from home.

As you would when applying for any credit card, it is important to look at the fine print carefully. Compare interest rates, and look for a card that provides you with perks for traveling. You might as well cash in while you’re traveling the world!

Accidents happen, and unfortunately, that means you could find yourself in a foreign country without the funds for a place to sleep, food, or the return home. That just means you have to get resourceful! With the tips on this list, you can get the money you need to wrap up your trip successfully.

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How To Stay Fit When Travelling



When you go travelling, it can be easy to get into the habit of eating out and never really exercising. This can be a big issue if you are someone who likes to take care of your body and your health. The good news is that there are ways to stay fit when you are travelling, you can eat more homecooked meals, do some outdoor activities and walk a bit more. In this article, we are going to give you some tips on how to achieve this so make sure to keep reading if you’d like to find out more.

Walk More

If you are travelling in a country you’ve never been before, you might find that you opt for taxis or buses to get to places. This is normally because you don’t know the way, but it is important to try and explore a bit more if you want to stay fit. Buy yourself a map or use your phone and start walking a bit more around the place that you are staying. Although this is not too drastic, you will see a small difference in your fitness levels.

Cook Meals

Depending on where you are staying, you might have the facilities to cook some meals rather than eat out every day. This is something which you should take advantage of if you can as it can make a big difference to your health. You’ll find that cooking your own meals will both save you money and you’ll feel better after it when you are travelling.

Do Activities

When you are travelling, it can be easy to only visit the main tourist attractions like statues or parks. If you want to be able to stay fit when you are travelling, then you need to be willing to get involved in some activities. Think about doing some rock climbing or kayaking as these can make big difference to your fitness levels. Fishing kayaking can be a great way to explore the place you’re in and can be a hobby to take up when you get home. These fishing kayak reviews from will help you figure out what to buy if you wish to take up this activity.

Go Swimming

If you are travelling through some hot countries, then you are probably already taking some time to dip in the pool or in the sea. This is something which you should absolutely take advantage of when you are travelling as swimming can be a great way of getting fit. Try to spend more time in the water and actually go for a swim rather than just paddling about. You’ll love it when you get into it and it will give you an activity to try in every new country that you visit.

Final Thoughts

If you want to keep yourself looking fit and healthy when you are travelling, then you should make sure that you follow our tips. Consider walking about a lot more and avoiding taking a bus or a taxi everywhere. You can also spend more time cooking in the kitchen of your rented villa or in the place that you are staying.

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What Do People Eat In Iceland?



One of the things I love most about travelling is getting to try out all the local cuisine. Of course there are things to see and scenery to admire, but the food is the best part of any vacation. Iceland is a country with rich local cuisine and culture so if you’re heading to this part of the world, there are some foods you really need to try. I will give you a list of the absolute must try foods! So prepare your bucket list.

The first food I want to recommend is a dessert! It’s actually Icelandic ice cream. Now you might be asking, why would I eat ice cream in the winter in such a cold country? Well, locals in Iceland are crazy about their ice cream. So much so that there are specialty ice cream shops and cafes scattered all around the country. These remain open for a long time so that people can walk in and enjoy their frozen dessert any time they want. There are tons of flavors to choose from and so many ways you can enjoy this ice cream. So make sure you try it out as soon as possible.

Let’s jump from dessert to a healthier food option, Icelandic yogurt or Skyr. This is a very well known product and is a lot like Greek yogurt in texture and taste. However, it has a slightly different consistency and tastes a little bit milder than the Greek variety. Locals use the yogurt to make all sorts of different dishes and foods. It is eaten with berries, fruits and sometimes veggies, and is also used to make desserts. The caveat is, Skyr is technically a kind of soft cheese but is eaten and regarded popularly as yogurt. It is also used to make a kind of cheesecake which is lighter and fluffier than other ones. Skyr is starting to be sold in the US and UK as well; its popularity is increasing. So you really have to try it out too!

Another amazing delicacy you should try out is hakarl, or fermented shark. There’s nothing better than Icelandic fish and this dish is no exception. The shark meat is cured and fermented with a special process and is then hung to dry for 4 to 5 months. It can often carry a strong, ammonia like odor and a fishy taste which can be unappetizing to people who haven’t tried it out before. This is why locals recommend you try it with your nostrils pinched shut so as to be able to eat it all. They also recommend you to have alcohol with it, specifically Icelandic schnapps which can help balance out the strong taste. Even though locals don’t eat this dish as much as they used to now, it’s still good to try it out.

There are a lot more foods that should be tried in Iceland but the ones we have listed are some of the best.  So make sure to try them all out and share your experiences with us.

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Why You Should Be Taking More Vacations



Plenty of people ignore their need for rest and relaxation, action and adventure. They’d rather save their money and stay home. A trip to the park is as good as visiting Disney World–or at least it’s less of a hassle. We tend to stay home and not bother with yearly or even bi-yearly trips, thinking, Who needs a vacation?

If it’s been too long since you took a real trip, consider taking one. Why? Vacations aren’t just about bucket lists, family fun, or the chance to get away from work. Vacations are good for your health, and any vacations you take as a family could have a lasting impact on your kid’s happiness. Studies show that vacations can improve the health of your heart, and lower your stress levels. Since stress contributes to anxiety and other health concerns, vacations aren’t anything to take lightly. If a vacation can make you healthier or improve your performance at work, it’s worth it, don’t you think?

Besides the positive impact on your own well-being, vacations also improve the lives of your kids. According to a study run in the UK, many adults recall family vacations as the happiest memory of their life, and some even rely on those memories to get them through tough times. When you take your children on vacation, you might have to do a lot of planning and spend a fair amount of money, but the positive impact a trip can have on your kids is worth it.

Do you need any more persuasion? Vacations should become a regular part of your life, but these positive advantages might not be reason enough to get your started. Instead, you might also want to focus on some of the excuses we make about vacations and see why each one can be worked around. When health and happiness are the reward, these common vacation excuses don’t hold water.

I Don’t Have Enough Money for Vacations.

This excuse is one of the most common, and it’s among the best excuses. We’re not proposing that you go into debt or spend money you don’t have to take a nice trip. There are, however, ways around this vacation-fund problem.

First, consider changing your vacation expectations. If your plan was to fly, stay in a great hotel, eat out for every meal, and afford great entertainment, you may not have the funds for a trip like that every year. Maybe you could afford a trip every year, however, if you altered your expectations of how a vacation should look. What’s drivable near you? Could you stay in an airbnb, a home stay, or a hostel? How about renting a VRBO with a kitchen, and cooking most of your meals while you’re there? There are plenty of ways to alter your vacation mindset to make an enjoyable trip cheaper.

Second, you could start a vacation fund in your budget. You might not get far with a spare change jar, but if you commit to setting aside a small percentage of income every month, you could have money for a modest vacation every year. You may need to cut back on other spending habits, such as eating out, mall spending, or junk food, but if you squeeze out some bad spending habits, you could probably start laying aside some vacation money.

Third, you could work on earning a small vacation income on the side. If you’re good with web design, you could set up a passive income store online. If you have a passion for teaching, you could tutor a few hours each week to earn a vacation fund. If you’re good with, or even interested in, the stock market, you could research some of the best marijuana penny stocks and invest for your future. With high volatility and low barriers to entry, it’s a great investment vehicle for exceptionally strong gains in the short-term.

While plenty of people struggle with affording a trip, you can see from our examples that not every financial situation has to say no to a trip. You just have to reorder your budget or expectations to make room. That leads us into our second vacation excuse:

I Don’t Want to Leave Work That Often.

Do you work for yourself? Are you a gift shop owner or an entrepreneur? Do you want to impress your CEO? If your work is important to you, you may find it hard to justify taking a week, or two off work. You don’t want to leave your company hanging, or trust your personal business to employees for weeks at a time. While you’d have to forego certain trips, you can still take relaxing vacations without asking off for more than one or two days.

First, (and this is should be obvious) you can take weekend trips only. Two days of pure relaxation are still worth it, so you can head out on Friday afternoon and return on Sunday night. Even if you just head to a local B&B or nearby campground and enjoy some time free of work, you’ll still gain the benefits of a vacation.

Second, use the holidays. Ask off on Friday before Memorial Day, or use the Fourth of July to lessen your time-off requests. You can still enjoy an adventurous trip, even one overseas, if you fly out on Thursday night and return Sunday or Monday. The office won’t miss you for the one or two business days you’re absent, and your store will be just fine for a few days of secondary management.

Third, and this is our personal favorite, invest in a vacation property. You can keep it for just yourself, your family, and your friends, or you could make a part-time business out of renting it on Craigslist or Airbnb. Pick a location that’s near to where you live and find a place you know you’d love.

For instance, if you live in Alberta, Canada, you could look for Edmonton homes for sale. If you wanted a pond with a dock, hiking trails, golf, or proximity to the city, you could find it all in the vacation property you chose. Or maybe you decide to go in a different route and head down under to secure a beachfront property. If you customized it with plantation shutters from Melbourne, your retreat would feel like a once-in-a-lifetime vacation every time you visited.

While the previous two excuses were good, they’re not the only vacation excuses people make. Last but not least, here’s a third excuse for skipping travel.

I’m Afraid of What Could Go Wrong.

While not everyone hesitates to vacation for this reason, it’s a real cause of concern for some. Kissing bugs? Cockroaches? Lizards in your motel room? While we’re not proposing you sleep in a Costa Rican hut if you fear the insect scene, there are still great ways to take a trip and feel safe.

First, you can choose a trip that makes you feel comfortable. Go somewhere with plenty of people, low crime rates, bugs you’re familiar with, and a language you speak if it makes you more comfortable. You don’t need to scare yourself to take a vacation!

Second, have a backup plan. When you’re driving in Australia, you might be scared of getting stranded in the outback, but knowing who to call for towing in Springfield Lakes, Queensland will help give you peace of mind. Know the emergency call number, keep a first aid kit, and avoid situations that concern you.

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