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Rihanna’s Got Milk



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Rihanna’s Got Milk

Rihanna’s Got Milk

Well, Rihanna is the latest milk ad victim. So feast your perverted eyes on this fellas, because that girl’s got one big mess to clean off her face. I don’t know why they keep making these ads because honestly, the last thing I want to do after seeing Rihanna with goop on her face is have a glass of milk. The thought of it makes my stomach curdle.

Hello All! My name is Chris and I am a 32 year old entrepreneur that has always been fascinated with anything that is different from the everyday norm . Lately, it has been hard to keep up with everything, whether it's cool and weird places to visit, or new bands that are creating different sounds.


Which ways can you alter your car for your mobility needs?



The Motability scheme is a great tool for anyone who has a disability to be able to continue their everyday life. However, although many know they can get a car, not everyone knows to what extent they can alter it to suit their needs. Here, we look at what the Motability scheme is, and how you can change your vehicle.

Which requirements do you need to pass to qualify for the scheme?

The scheme was set up in 1978 to allow disabled people to be able to move more freely so they aren’t confined to their home. Since then, over four and a half million cars, scooters and powered wheelchairs have been provided to those who require them.

There are several ways in which you may qualify for the scheme. If you currently receive benefits due to a disability or illness that limits your movement, you can use this benefit to pay for certain Motability vehicles. These could include anything from a car, to a mobility scooter or a powered wheelchair. However, it’s important to remember that you will be leasing the vehicle and if your benefits stop, then you’ll need to return it.

Other scenarios in which you could claim are:

  • If you have received Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP) or War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement for at least 12 months.
  • If you’ve been awarded the enhanced rate mobility component of Personal Independence Payments (PIP) for a minimum of 12 months.
  • If you have received the higher rate mobility component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for at least one year.

You can claim for a Motability vehicle for a child who is over three years old and requires transportation. You may also be able to claim and choose a car for someone else to drive if you don’t own a licence yourself.

Which ways can you alter your vehicle to fit your needs?

There are over 400 adaptations that you can choose from if you need to alter your car. These devices are fitted to help you get the most out of your travelling experience and make you as comfortable as possible. It’s normal that customers choose their adaptations before they lease the car, meaning that any required maintenance will be covered in the cost of your lease. However, it’s still possible to make changes after your lease begins, but you will then risk paying for maintenance as well as needing to seek authorization for any changes to your vehicle.

Driving, stowage and access are the three types of adaptions you can choose from. They can vary from a simple attachment, to removing the existing controls and replacing them with a system that has been individually designed for you. Driving adaptations can include hand controls, electronic accelerators, left foot accelerators, pedal modifications, steering aids and remote-control devices.

On the Motability scheme, you can adapt your car by introducing either a boot hoist or rooftop stowage unit. Both work via the touch of a button to easily store your equipment. These stowage systems are also transferrable if you change your vehicle.

Also, if you aren’t mobile, getting into a vehicle can sometimes be a hard task. With transfer plates, electric person hoists and swivel seats, there are options available to aid you. All of these adaptations can be demonstrated before you choose the one that best suits your needs.

You can also modify your car in the same way you could with a car outside of the Motability scheme. These optional extras include the likes of a spoiler, alloy wheels, parking sensors and a car stereo. Once you return you car, you don’t have to remove any modifications, but if you do, you’ll have to pay to restore the vehicle to its original condition.

To find a full list of adaptations and modifications, visit the Motability site.

Motability vehicles are a great help to those who require them and by knowing that you can adapt them in ways to help you, the Motability Scheme is one that is definitely worth looking into if you’re disabled.



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How to Travel on A Budget



Vacations can be one of our biggest expenses every year but they’re an important chance to relax and unwind from the stresses of our normal, day to day lives. To make sure you can always afford to partake in this pastime, consider ways in which you could cut down on how much it costs you. Here, we run through some ideas on how you could do this. And if you need a helping hand, take a look at how GoBear could help.


A new craze that is taking the wold by storm is travelling in a campervan. This is a fun, liberating and very inexpensive way to travel. Whether you only use it to reach your destination or whether you use it as your accommodation too, campervans can be easily kitted out to include all of your home comforts. If you prefer to travel on public transport, take the time to research all of the possible routes you could take, and ways in which you could cut ticket costs for example, choosing specific seats, smaller baggage allowances and not travelling at peak time. Travelling through the night is a great way to cut down on transport costs.


Camping is the perfect way to slash costs, as accommodation is the most significant expense associated with travelling. Most countries, especially in Europe, have top-quality camping sites with great facilities. There are also a range of different tents available so you can make sure you are in the utmost comfort. Camping allows you to appreciate the great outdoors and some travel companies even offer special camping tours, which include transport and food as well as recommending some excellent routes. Alternatively, you could opt for a hostel rather a hotel, which have more basic facilities.


When you’re deciding where to travel, research the living costs associated with the area as this will give you an idea of how much it will cost you to use the public transport and buy food. Another great way to cut costs is by visiting the local supermarket to stock up on supplies for your stay, rather than eating at a restaurant for every meal. You can treat yourself now and again but try to stick to local cuisine as it is less expensive and gives you an authentic experience of where you’re staying.

Souvenirs are an easy way to take advantage of tourists so make sure you’re not tempted to buy any. Realistically, they won’t come in very handy at home and it’s far more rewarding to take lots of photos to remember your stay instead. Planning ahead when it comes to activities can help you to stay within your budget, whilst also helping to make the most of your time there.

Travelling doesn’t have to be expensive as long as you do some careful planning beforehand. Plan your route carefully and research how to get reductions on any transport costs, for example by travelling at night. Consider more basic forms of accommodation such as hostels and camping which also have many benefits of their own. And finally, book any expensive activities beforehand to allow you to stick to your budget while you are there, with handy tricks like sticking to local cuisine and avoiding souvenirs. For more travel tips, take a look at thebizzare.


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Travel Ideas: Visit the Top Business Districts in The World



Most major cities have a Central Business District. It is a term given to the area of a city which contains the majority of buildings where big business takes place. Companies aim to have their premises in these areas as they will be surrounded by other businesses which has a positive impact on their success and having an impressive businesses premise address can help them to develop a strong reputation. These areas are not only advantageous for business people, they are also great places for tourists to visit. Here, we take a look at the top business districts of the world and what makes them so special.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney’s central business capital is located in New South Wales, on the coast, and is the most densely populated area in the region. It measures approximately 3 kilometres across and is one of the oldest established areas in the country. This area alone employs 13% of Sydney’s workforce and makes an estimated $118 billion per year. As well as being a business hub, it is also home to a fantastic entertainment scene with attractions such as the Theatre Royal and has a lot of impressive architecture such as the Sydney Opera House. Some of the more well-known companies based here are HSBC, Bloomsbury Publishing and AXA. If you’d live to visit this area, take a look at this Accommodation in Sydney CBD.

New York, United States

Midtown Manhattan is the largest central business district in the world as well as housing some of the United States’ most iconic buildings, such as the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building. It is also the country’s largest entertainment and media district, for example it is home to Times Square which is where the Broadway Theatre district is located, and Sixth Avenue where three major US television networks are located. Midtown Manhattan is such a highly sought-after location for business premises, that retail rents are high enough that there are quite a few empty storefronts in the area. Some of the most well-known businesses headquarters based here are Calvin Klein, Deloitte and Estee Lauder.

Shanghai, China

Lujiazui is located on the banks of the Huangpu River and has only recently been developed into the built-up area it is now, due to investment in the 1990s aimed at transforming it into the new financial and business district. There are over 500 buildings dedicated to business in the area as well as an impressive number of five-star hotels, which has boosted tourism and trade. Lujiazui is know for having some the most impressive sky-scraping buildings in the world including the Shanghai Tower which has 121 floors.

The central business districts of the world often coincide with also being the largest entertainment capitals too, as this guarantees plenty of custom. They are often home to some of the most impressive architecture and attractions and are therefore well worth a visit whether you are business minded or not. You could see some of the most famous company headquarters in the world whilst also enjoying the theatre districts and stunning architecture. For more ideas on where to travel next, take a look at


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The Truth About Face Shapes and Attraction



Being attracted to the opposite sex is a complex science and comes down to a wide variety of factors. Scientists have been able to identify various attributes associated with what we find appealing (and what we don’t!), and although attraction remains basic in its nature, it can be quite a complicated formula. For example, according to science, women make their choices based on strength, loyalty and the likelihood of reproduction.

Perhaps the most surprising part of this is, us humans tend to find most of those things in the face of a potential partner. Face shapes along with jawline, symmetry and other features, all help us to draw a conclusion on the type of person we are dealing with, before they even utter a word.

The shape of attraction

Among the different elements that make up the attractiveness of an individual according to others, the shape of the face is one that has taken scientists by surprise. Perhaps not so much that it is part of attraction (as this is fairly logical), but the fact that it plays such a significant role, and is in fact one of the most important parts of physical and emotional attraction. We can tell a lot by a face, but whether or not someone is an ideal partner, that’s a lot of pressure!

When it comes to face shapes, most people generally think they’re rounded or long, and that the rest fal somewhere in between. It’s no surprise that we didn’t put too much thought into this, before it became apparent how important it is.

People actually differ significantly in terms of their face shapes and structures and this is caused by a wide variety of factors – ranging from genetics to the environment (yes, everything from diet to weather and climate can have an effect!).

The main face shape categories are:

  • Round face
  • Square face
  • Oval face
  • Rectangular face
  • Heart face

Some findings have indicated that the oval shape was one of the most attractive because it could be paired well with so many different styles and looks. Others found the unique diamond face shape to be the most attractive because of its sharpness, whereas another study found the heart shaped face to be the most attractive. So at the end of the day, isn’t it all just a matter of personal taste? It certainly seems so.

Calling all glasses wearers!

Here is where it gets even more interesting. Your natural facial shape really matters when you are a glasses wearer, as certain frames can really emphasize or complement certain features. If you are in the market for new glasses then you need to check out Smart Buy Glasses.

You might find yourself attracted to glasses wearers in general (which we don’t blame you for), or you might wear them yourself and you’re not sure what works with your face. Either way, Arlo Wolf has actually launched a face shapes matching tool where you can find out exactly what type of face shape you have and what frames would help to bring out your features. It’s definitely worth taking a look, even if you don’t wear glasses and you want to know more about your face!

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What Travel Teaches Us About the World



It is often said that travel broadens the mind and honestly, no truer words have been spoken. Being able to further understand the world we live in is important to our development as a human being. Not so much the travelling itself, but the rewards from the places you visit provide a wealth of useful knowledge.


One of the first things that comes to mind when referring to travel is the experience of new cultures. Many of our ancestors never left the country they were born in, now, most of us have the opportunity to travel anywhere across the world. It is not until this was possible that we could observe different cultures and different ways of living without having to use the medium of newspapers and television. We now understand certain sensitivities related to cultures and the more we interact, the more we find in common.


We often get very used to the surroundings of the country we were born in. Everyone in different parts of the world is accustomed to different climates and weather. Going to these places allows you to see some of the more spectacular natural landforms with Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon and Mount Vesuvius being just a few examples. This is not to mention the amazing variety of animals and vegetation found in each different country. Nature is truly wonderful and appears in so many different forms.


Arguably the most we can learn from travel is about ourselves. We learn a lot about ourselves through discovering the other things previously mentioned in this article. By observing and taking in new surroundings, we are able to discover things that we didn’t know about ourselves. You may realise that a certain way of life may resonate more with you than your current way. Not only that, but there may be new activities and hobbies that are more fulfilling to you than any other that you experienced previously. Learning about ourselves is the best thing as it is what will shape the way we live in the future.

Be sure to check out the following infographic from this London coach company, detailing some of the many myths around coach travel.


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Will Delivery Drones be Efficient for Courier Companies?



Delivery drones seem to be the next step for courier services. The aim of these brilliant pieces of technology is to be more cost-efficient and more convenient for the customer. While they loom on the horizon, it is still unclear how they will work on a wide scale. Of course, companies like Amazon have a lot of funding for these projects but for the copious other courier companies, there is catching up to do.

The whole point of delivery drones is to avoid the need for human input, but trying to create a fully autonomous vehicle that can easily locate delivery locations, combat weather conditions and return back to the company is very difficult. This is an issue that many companies will come across when trying to provide competition for larger companies.

Another major consideration is the security of these drones. As they are going to be expensive pieces of equipment, there needs to be many security solutions in place and even contingency security plans if those fail.

One thing that is incredibly important is to have a camera recording that is instantly transferred to the company. On top of this, an efficient GPS tracker would be very useful in tracking down a stolen drone.

One further issue that needs to be addressed is the actual efficiency of the drones as couriers. This is because these drones need to be able to adapt to the many different sizes and types of packages that they will deliver.

Of course, large, heavier packages may be a problem but could be combatted by having a weight limit when ordering the product, deciding whether it is eligible for drone delivery. Also, fragile packages will have to be treated differently to other items so there needs to be a way that drones can compensate for this to avoid item shift in transition.

Ultimately, if done correctly, delivery drones could be very beneficial for courier companies. For overnight courier services UK and US in particular, these drones could be very efficient as without human interference, they can deliver at all times. This prevents drivers from having to deliver which could be risky if the delivery drivers are tired. The only issue with this is the ability to navigate in the dark, perhaps thermal sensors could be used but this just increases the overall cost in producing these drones.

It remains to be seen how they will be used widely but let’s hope that they are properly tried and tested before being mass produced.

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