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The Future of Fuel



Due to the levels of Nitrogen Oxide it emits from our vehicles, diesel has received a lot of scrutiny lately. In fact, it’s received such a backlash that the UK government plans to ban the sales of new diesel and petrol vehicles by 2040 in an attempt to keep the air quality across the nation cleaner. This has led to the electric vehicle market experiencing in increase in sales, with 2017 being a record year for sales.

So, as the government tries to encourage the public to begin the transition to electric and hybrid vehicles, what does this mean for traditional fuel sources? Lookers, retailers of used cars, explores what the UK’s future looks like for fuel:

Electric fuel stations

A lack of charging points led to the electric vehicle market previously coming under criticism. However, could a transition towards electric and hybrid vehicles see us say goodbye to traditional fuel? In the past 12 months, our EV charger installations have increased and evolved substantially to suit the lifestyles of many drivers. Following in the footsteps of other countries around the globe, like New Zealand who are rolling out easier-to-find charging stations, the UK has over 20 companies and organisations installing and running nationwide or regional electric car charging networks.

Back in May 2017, at least another 3,000 rapid charging points were set to be introduced to fuel station forecourts across the UK. Some researchers have also claimed they could have developed an ‘instantly rechargeable’ method that recharges an electric battery in the same time as it would take to fill a gas tank – a solution to one of the biggest headaches of electric vehicles.

BP confirmed that they added more rapid charging points for electric vehicles across their UK stations in the first few months of 2018. Oil firms are also recognising the potential for growth into the battery-powered vehicle market. A decision that follows in the footsteps of their rival, Shell, who have already invested money in several electric car infrastructure companies to install charging points at their service stations. According to The Guardian, the British oil firm, BP, is also investing $5 million (£3.5 million) in the US firm Freewire Technologies, which will provide motorbike-sized charging units at forecourts to top up cars in half an hour.

BP Downstream’s chief executive, Tufan Erginbilgic, commented: “EV charging will undoubtedly become an important part of our business, but customer demand and the technologies available are still evolving.”

On a global scale, 2017 was a record year. In November 2017, global figures hit three million for the number of electric vehicles collectively on the roads – with China proving to dominate the market. Whilst oil firms such as BP expect the electric market to continue to rise, they hope the oil demand is not seriously affected – by cutting themselves a slice of the electric vehicle charging cake though, firms are covering their back if traditional oil demand does take a dip in line with the government’s plans to reduce harmful emissions and cut back on crude oil prices.

The fluctuation of fuel prices

The UK’s fuel prices have been up and down in recent years, with many factors influencing the economic state of fuel – from Brexit and harmful emissions to UAE conflict, fuel prices haven’t been steady for some time now – and a plan to eliminate petrol and diesel cars will not help steady the cost of fuel either.

Simon Williams, a fuel spokesman for the RAC, said: “Both petrol and diesel are now at their highest points for more than three years which is bound to be making a dent in household budgets”. Following the three-year high in the cost of petrol and diesel on UK forecourts, the RAC and other industry experts have been encouraging supermarkets to cut their fuel prices to make them more affordable. So far in 2018, three of the UK’s leading supermarkets have listened to the RAC’s call for lower fuel prices, and have reduced fuel prices by up to 2p per litre as of February 2018.

With the UK remaining in negotiations over Brexit agreements, we could see fuel prices continue to fluctuate throughout the process. Following Brexit, what will that mean for fuel prices? In 2014, the OPEC made a decision to increase the level of domestic fuel production in the UK, which led to a price drop to 98p in January 2016 — the lowest price of fuel per litre since the financial crisis in 2009. However, the UK still heavily relies on imported energy and fuel – around 38% of the UK’s total energy consumption is reliant on imported energy. Could our trading relationships be at risk after Brexit? And, of course, we must also consider how the uncertainty around the value of the pound could affect fuel costs following Brexit.

Following the UK’s vote to leave the European Union, the value of the pound experienced an immediate fall of 20% against the dollar. This caused fuel prices to increase by around 10p per litre and experts to raise concern that Brexit could mark the end of cheap fuel in Britain.

Higher crude oil prices and the devaluation of the pound combined could mean that Britain should expect higher fuel prices become the norm. The cost of fuel looks to remain uncertain in the near future, though thing that appears to be for certain is that both the high fuel prices and attempts to improve air quality in the UK will have a positive impact on the EV market, with success forecast to continue to surge in the years leading up to 2040.



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What Are Foundation Degrees? All About Foundation Degrees



Foundation degrees are professional degrees that are available to those who have not completed the traditional requirements of formal education and therefore cannot gain access to a formal professional program.

As the economy is continuously evolving and more people are finding ways to balance both work and regular responsibilities with education and professional development, these types of courses are becoming increasingly affordable.

Foundation programs serve as an intermediate that provides individuals with the education they need without going into too much detail or rigor as a full and comprehensive program. There are a variety of reasons why some people may wish to choose a foundation course in Canada when considering their education options.

The usefulness of a foundation degree can be tremendous to those who have chosen a life of working as opposed to a life of academia. Most people are confronted with the choice of education or work when they enter their adult years and the combination of both is unlikely. Most people specialize either in education or in working and this becomes the decision that impacts their life significantly. In the past, education and work have been kept mostly separate but foundational degrees are quickly changing this.

Suppose someone with 20 years’ of experience of working in an industry wants to further their knowledge on professional development but does not have the 8 years to spend on regular education all the way through to a master’s program to cover these main issues. Furthermore, the specialization in working over learning is going to take away a lot of momentum in one or the other to overcome this challenge. This is where foundational courses are going to serve their value.

Foundation programs typically cover the main essential points that are included in masters programs without going into too much detail or specifics. The advantages are that this saves a lot of time and resources while at the same time providing the basic elements of knowledge in the field.

The strict divide that has traditionally been kept between working and education is slowly vanishing from existence as time goes on. More and more programs are being developed to meet the needs of people and fit their schedules and this is where foundation courses come into play. These types of courses serve as a strong foundational basis for anyone looking to expand their formal and professional knowledge and development while at the same time not investing heavily in education which provides the best balance between both options.

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The Truth About Face Shapes and Attraction



Being attracted to the opposite sex is a complex science and comes down to a wide variety of factors. Scientists have been able to identify various attributes associated with what we find appealing (and what we don’t!), and although attraction remains basic in its nature, it can be quite a complicated formula. For example, according to science, women make their choices based on strength, loyalty and the likelihood of reproduction.

Perhaps the most surprising part of this is, us humans tend to find most of those things in the face of a potential partner. Face shapes along with jawline, symmetry and other features, all help us to draw a conclusion on the type of person we are dealing with, before they even utter a word.

The shape of attraction

Among the different elements that make up the attractiveness of an individual according to others, the shape of the face is one that has taken scientists by surprise. Perhaps not so much that it is part of attraction (as this is fairly logical), but the fact that it plays such a significant role, and is in fact one of the most important parts of physical and emotional attraction. We can tell a lot by a face, but whether or not someone is an ideal partner, that’s a lot of pressure!

When it comes to face shapes, most people generally think they’re rounded or long, and that the rest fal somewhere in between. It’s no surprise that we didn’t put too much thought into this, before it became apparent how important it is.

People actually differ significantly in terms of their face shapes and structures and this is caused by a wide variety of factors – ranging from genetics to the environment (yes, everything from diet to weather and climate can have an effect!).

The main face shape categories are:

  • Round face
  • Square face
  • Oval face
  • Rectangular face
  • Heart face

Some findings have indicated that the oval shape was one of the most attractive because it could be paired well with so many different styles and looks. Others found the unique diamond face shape to be the most attractive because of its sharpness, whereas another study found the heart shaped face to be the most attractive. So at the end of the day, isn’t it all just a matter of personal taste? It certainly seems so.

Calling all glasses wearers!

Here is where it gets even more interesting. Your natural facial shape really matters when you are a glasses wearer, as certain frames can really emphasise or complement certain features.

You might find yourself attracted to glasses wearers in general (which we don’t blame you for), or you might wear them yourself and you’re not sure what works with your face. Either way, Arlo Wolf has actually launched a face shapes matching tool where you can find out exactly what type of face shape you have and what frames would help to bring out your features. It’s definitely worth taking a look, even if you don’t wear glasses and you want to know more about your face!

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Top 5 Most Important Parts of Your Car



There are many different parts to a car but the following are among the most important. Check on these parts regularly to ensure quality and safety in any riding experience.

1. The Engine

The car engine is essentially the main part of the car and the part of the car that does the actual driving. The power created with the combustion of fuel generates the power that is needed to move the car forwards and backwards as needed. As a result, overheating or rust in an engine can cause critical damage to a car that completely impact its utility

2. Car Battery

The car battery is another important element of the car that is responsible for many of the secondary functions of the car including the function of lights and pressure gauges in a car if the indicators are expressed electronically. Having a weak or overused battery can cause a car to not start and leave a person stuck until they find a way to jump start their car. All of this is why this is another important part of any vehicle and one that should be checked continuously and regularly.

3. Tyres

The tires are where all of the weight and pressure of a car is and so these are going to be another important part of the vehicle as well. Not only is it important to have the proper tires as far as quality material is concerned, but it is also important to check the pressures in the tires as well to ensure that they are kept sufficiently inflated. Deflated tires can cause damage to the vehicle in many different ways and cause it to function less effectively in the long run.

4. Transmission and Catalytic Converter

This is the part of the car that dictates whether the car should be going forwards or backwards as well as whether it should be in neutral or in one gear or another. A transmission with issues can render a vehicle ineffective until the issue is resolved which makes this another important element to keep an eye on in a vehicle. The catalytic converter is what regulates the output of the combustion process that will ultimately be put out into the environment. Both of these are essential to the function of a car.

5. Oil

Oil is essential for car function to prevent repeated grinding of gears that can ultimately cause damage over a long period of time. Without oil, a car can find itself dried out and overheating much more easily than a car that has its oil checked regularly. As a result, many are going to suggest this to be an important part of any vehicle check up as well.

The combination of each of these forms an important element of the car. Without any one of these elements, the functionality of any vehicle is significantly, if not completely, impacted. This is why it is important to check up on these main components of any vehicle to ensure the best quality experience.

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Driver assistance technology on the rise



With an estimated 10 million self-driving cars on the road by 2020, driver assistance technology is quickly becoming a normal feature on our roads. It is also increasingly a point that can make or break a sale of a car — built-in sat-navs and parking sensors, for instance, can really boost the appeal of a car for a customer.

In this article, we join Ford servicing providers Lookers to take a closer look at some of the newest technology to enter our dashboards.

Lights that adapt to your surroundings

Many people avoid driving in the dark. While your lights can beam into the distance, sometimes this isn’t enough. That’s where adaptive light control has been brought in to be of assistance. Designed to help drivers see better in the dark and see further, this assistance enables your headlights to swivel and rotate so that the road in front of you is more illuminated, especially round corners.

Detecting driver drowsiness

Driving while tired can be lethal. While there has previously been campaigns to target driver fatigue, which introduced signs on motorways telling drivers not to drive tired, some cars nowadays come with driver drowsiness detection. It’s thought that falling asleep behind the wheel may be a factor in 10% of all road accidents and car companies have introduced the technology to try to eliminate this risk. The system works by recognizing tell-tale signs, such as a driver’s head nodding that indicates sleepiness.

Sat Navigation

We may well be losing the art of map-reading. While you can still buy satellite navigation systems, and devices such as mobile phones have the automatically installed, your car can now include a built-in sat nav. Simply type in your destination and away you go – no questions asked.

Detecting blind spots

Sleeker car designs have a tendency to feature larger blind spots. That’s where the blind spot detection feature is proving useful. It works by alerting you when another vehicle that is outside of your direct field of vision is approaching. It can do so in several ways, including a warning sound, a light on your side mirror, or a vibration of the steering wheel.

Checking Tyre pressure

Poor Tyre pressure can cause inefficient fuel usage. The Tyre pressure monitoring systems will allow you to know when to pump your tyres up without needing to get out of your car and physically check.

Warnings for lane departures

It’s not uncommon on a busy motorway to see cars driving towards your lane. However, with lane departure warning systems, you can ensure your own vehicle doesn’t drift out of your allotted lane as an alarm will sound to make sure you take corrective action and stay safely within the lines. Some lane-keeping assistance systems are also available, and these go a step further by making automatic small corrective actions without any driver input.

Driving semi-autonomous

While we aren’t quite in the realms of fully-driver less cars, we are certainly getting close. However, for now, semi-autonomous driving is a feature that is available in luxury models. For those of us who find ourselves regularly travelling, this gadget allows us to relax on the road as it helps the car maintain a constant speed while staying in lane and watching out for potential collisions. Although it shouldn’t be seen as a tool to replace driving, it’s said to reduce fatigue on those long and tedious drives.

Built-in parking sensors

Parking sensors help you to avoid any sudden bumps. It’s common knowledge that car parks are breeding grounds for accidents. Stats found that Britain is a nation of terrible parkers, with two-thirds of drivers admitting that their vehicles have been damaged in a car park. Parking sensors can help avoid these unwanted prangs – from your end at least. With a series of beeps alerting you as you get closer to any close objects – or sometimes an illustration on a parking camera – parking sensors can make sure you avoid scrapes. This not only saves your car from depreciating rapidly in value, but also saves any unwanted insurance claims going against you.

Car dealerships are certainly making the most of the latest technology in their field. Next time you’re in the market for a new car, see what is available to assist you on your journey. Besides automated driving, what will be next?


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Myths & Misconceptions about starting a business



If you are a person who is determined to start your own little business. Then we say go for it. But most people think this is not such a good idea. Reason being that there are myths that go around that instil fear in people.

Let’s face it, working for yourself is an exciting venture. Not having to answer to anyone but instead, people answering to you is the best thing that could ever happen to you. Well, that is for some people not all. But there some issue that should be addressed and we bring you back to reality. It might be the best thing to do when a slot machine at new sites such as Pokiepop is just showering you with jackpots

No Boss!

This sounds amazing, from where we are it does. But did you know that even as a person with their own business you still have a boss? And in that matter not only one but a couple. We are talking investors and clients. Not that you do not have to answer to one boss but several. So do not get comfortable as yet.

Limited Working Time

Don’t you just envy your boss when they walk in late for work? Or when they do not even show up at work. Or knock off whatever time they want? But it is not what it looks like. When you are a business owner when you set your schedule you will find that you are likely to be working a lot more hours than the rest of your team.

Thinking of giving your team to do the job for you? Then fine, but remember that you still have to go through the work to make sure it is exactly as you want it. Being a boss means that you have to wear several hats and it is your job to make sure the business is going smoothly.

And that is no child play. Believe it or not but you work more when you are the boss. You won’t have enough time for hobbies such as going to the stadiums and place your bet at your favorite soccer team. So do yourself a favor and get rid of these ideas you have that being a boss is like being on a long vacation that never ends.

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5 Things Every Office Must Have



1. A Comfortable Office Chair

People tend to spend a lot of time in their offices which is why having a comfortable office chair is going to be essential. Any old office chair is not going to cut it. The smaller and cheaper models are not going to be as comforting for the person as a higher quality chair and that can have significant impacts on their work. For a higher quality product, retailers such as Furniture At Work offer a range of office chairs, which provide comfort, support posture and can match the design of your office space.

2. A Trusty Notepad And Reliable Pen

It is critical to have a notepad on hand with a reliable pen for those special moments where ideas come to mind. Not writing ideas down is the number one cause of not remembering ideas this can lead to so much lost potential if left unmanaged. The trusty notepad ensures that those brilliant ideas that come to mind as a result of the moment are not lost and are instead preserved for later thought and development.

3. A Powerful Computer

In the past, a person needed office supplies such as calculators and stationary as well as a variety of other standard office supplies that were so essential to general office work in the past. Technology has changed this and brought all of these office functions together into one platform. The computer has become the main source of office work and productivity which is why it is critical to not only have a computer but to have a powerful one as well. Investing in a quality computer can ensure that work does not go missing and work is not interrupted due to freezes and other mishaps

4. A Quality Desk

No office is complete without a desk and the quality of the desk is going to contribute greatly to the quality of the office. Some desks come with storage cabinets built in that helps the organization of the office and this helps both in the productivity and quality of the office as well. A poor quality desk is going to become cluttered quickly which is why having a quality desk is going to be important.

5. Feel Good Pictures And Aesthetics

A positive mindset greatly improves the work of many which is why it is important to personalize your office space with pictures and items that are unique to you. These will help bring positive thoughts to mind during the work process which is likely to translate into positive results in the long run.

Each of these key items plays an important role in the office space. Are there any that we missed? Feel free to let us know below!

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