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Tips for Starting Employee Engagement Programs



When it comes down to it, employee turnover is expensive. Nowadays, the average employee will stay at a company for a few years and then get bored before going job hunting again. Employee engagement programs are becoming more and more popular due to these reasons. It can be extremely detrimental for a company to have a high turnover rate. The cost to train a new employee is becoming increasingly expensive with inflation and higher salary expectations. Below you will find a few tips on how to engage your employees in a meaningful way that can help combat this.

Service Awards

Service awards are a great way to motivate employees. There are many ways to go about doing this whether it is for the time they have spent at the company, or for something that they have achieved on a project for an important client. You do not have to go about creating something like this on your own. There are a lot of great services out there that offer programs like this. If you really want to make your employees happy then adding some type of cash reward along with this will actually pay off in the end by keeping your employee happy, and productive.

Track Employee Progress

There are many softwares out there that are able to keep track of how productive your employees are. Rewarding the top percentage of employees will actually make them feel appreciated. In huge companies there are always those unsung heros that put everything they have into work but feel like they never get appreciated. Those employees are what keeps the company run smoothly and it is extremely important to figure out who they are and give them some type of reward. You can even ask them what they would like. Many online rewards program companies have a range of gifts throughout their website that you can choose from.

Upgrade the work space

When it comes down to it, cubicles can be really boring and can make employees unhappy at times. Many companies are getting rid of cubicles and adding large tables that can have many people working around eachother. Now, instead of having them get up and walk to a colleague, they can just talk collectively at the large table. At first it will make everyone uncomfortable but after a few weeks most people start to prefer it.

Figure Out How to Communicate Better

If you are part of a large company then communication can be difficult. There is this barrier between employees and upper management that sometimes needs to be broken. Employees can find it frustrating when they have an important question but they may feel a little intimidated to bring it to upper management. This can be a major reason on why someone wants to leave the company. There are many apps out their that help break the barrier and it is going to be beneficial for you to take a look at whats out there.

Overall, employee turnover is starting to become a huge issue for companies all across the world. Employee engagement and rewards programs are saving the day.


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Progress for EV’s: Why the Future of Motoring Will be Electric



With today’s consumers becoming increasingly eco-aware, it stands to reason that the market for electric vehicles has been undergoing substantial growth over the past few years. Automotive manufacturers all over the world have been adapting their current offerings to keep up with the demand; data shows that the number of new EV registrations hit record highs last year and this figure is expected to increase yet again in 2019. Manufacturers are constantly developing the latest technologies, with many hoping to work towards a cleaner and greener future for their vehicles. Here, we explore how the EV market has been developing and take a look at what new advancements we can expect to see in the near future.

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly widespread, with many well-established manufacturers working towards their development. Earlier this year, car enthusiasts across the world were shocked by the news of the new Lamborghini electric sports car concept, the Terzo Millennio, which has been dubbed as ‘the sports car of the future’. Jaguar and Land Rover are late comers to the electric vehicle market, only recently introducing their first all-electric vehicle, the Jaguar I-Pace concept. But that hasn’t stopped them from pulling out all the stops to catch up, by announcing that they plan to be all electric by 2020 – a big step into the EV industry for new comers.

On a similar note, Volvo also plan to unveil their own electric vehicle range next year. The prestige brand promises that all new models produced and registered from 2020 will be fully electric or hybrid – and that their customers will have more choice moving forward. It was revealed recently that Jaguar Land Rover plan to open an EV manufacturing factory in the UK. The new car plant would be similar to the Nissan factory in Sunderland and would increase the production of new electric vehicles. Whilst it is not confirmed, the plan is a big step towards the brand committing to their EV plan.

Nissan have been a key player in the EV market for a number of years already. They are the brains behind the second most popular electric model in retail, and the bestselling all electric model in the UK, the Nissan Leaf – with over 30,500 units sold in the UK, and over 300,000 units worldwide. And with the launch of its newest model, could the Leaf take the top spot? The new model has a battery mileage range that is double the range of its previous models. An issue that was apparent for all manufacturers, not just Nissan.

The manufacturer has been making some serious progress in adapting their current range. The 2011 Nissan Leaf had a range of just 75 miles, but progress in the industry has since taken huge leaps towards its new 235 mile range – progress that could be intrinsic to the future success of the model, and for the industry. Additionally, they also fitted the first one pedal driving system – an optional system that allows you to transform the accelerator into an e-pedal to function as a start, stop, accelerate and brake pedal.

So, with key industry players driving the success of the EV market and responding to consumer demand, we can expect to see an increasing number of eco-friendly vehicles on our roads over the coming years. Drivers have realised the harmful effects of their petrol and diesel automobiles, and the government’s plans to improve air quality are underway. In addition, consumers all over the UK have been trading in their old cars for greener alternatives. To survive the transition, now is the time to come up with an electric vehicle plan. For automotive manufacturers, they need to get their head in the EV game to survive the market.

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Deck The Halls This Christmas With Personalized Hat Gifts



Personalized gifts are great for many reasons. When that gift happens to be a hat, it is something that will be seen a lot when the person who receives it chooses to wear it. Hats happen to be a great gift idea for this reason. Almost everyone will wear a hat for shade or comfort. When that hat contains a special, unique and personalized message, it becomes something worth showing off to others. Who wouldn’t want to be responsible for giving that kind of gift to a loved one? Here are some reasons why a personalized hat makes a great Christmas gift:

1 – It Will Be A Treasured Gift

When you have used some of your creativity in the design of a personalized hat, it becomes a gift that contains some of your personality. For the recipient of this gift, it becomes a special item that they will form some kind of attachment to. This turns it into a treasured gift item.

2 – It Has Your Personal Touch

If the hat gift that is personalized happens to be in honor of a significant achievement or other honor, it turns into a very different gift item. These kinds of personalized gifts that recognize your accomplishments give you something personal to proudly wear and display.

3 – It Captures A Special Thought

While an action had to happen in order to purchase any hat gift, when it happens to be a personalized gift, it captures something more. A special thought had to go into the creation of that unique gift. A personalized Christmas hat gift shows this happened.

4 – It Is Not Going To Be Duplicated

If you are concerned about gift giving at Christmastime and want to avoid getting someone the same gift as someone else, a personalized hat will be your best bet. That’s because your one-of-a-kind gift will truly be the only one the person your give it to will receive.

5 – It Is Not Just Another Christmas Gift

This is one of the most important things to consider when giving any kind of gift. When you give a personalized Christmas hat, you are not just grabbing something from a store to satisfy the gift requirement. You are giving something that comes from your heart to someone else.

Let Us Help Personalize That Christmas Gift At YayPrint

Now that we have you thinking about how great it is to create a personalized Christmas gift, how are you going to do that? Well, we can help. Just visit our website at or your preferred app store. Download the YayPrint mobile app and you’ll have instant access to all sorts of online design tools and so much more. It’s actually very easy to do from the comfort of your home.

All you have to do is open the app. You can either shop from the existing design ideas online or go to the create side and make your own. You can even upload your existing design and edit it with our online tools. You can also personalize more than just hats, if you choose. With the YayPrint mobile app you can create personalized t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, totes and so much more.

The doors of possibilities will swing wide open for you and you’ll discover that with our mobile app you’ll be able to create personalized gifts for anyone, for any occasion with ease. Plus, the online store never closes so you will have 24/7 access in case you get inspired late one night and need to get that idea out of your head. Christmas gift giving couldn’t be better now that you have YayPrint!


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Be Protected by Nature: a Garden to Combat Air Pollution



At the start of the year, the Guardian reported how London had reached its legal limit for air pollution for the entire year in less than a month. Sadly, 40,000 deaths every year have been attributed to air pollution in more built-up areas of the UK.

Living in a city or urban area, no doubt you’re concerned about air pollution levels. But don’t worry — there are things you can do to clean up the air around your home. Head out into the garden and we’ll show you how!

For a splash of color: the wallflower

A great place to start with your air-cleaning garden is the colourful wallflower! Goldsmiths also names this plant as being akin to the common ivy for its particulate-cleansing power. These flowers have a bright display of petals during the first half of the year. You can grow wallflowers in many colours, with purple and yellow popular choices.

Conifers to shield you

Hedges make a great natural barrier against air pollution, and conifers have been particularly noted for their ability to protect against pollutants. Specifically, the western red cedar hedge is named as an ideal conifer to plant in your garden. But if your garden is a little smaller, the publication also names the yew as a great alternative, citing its evergreen nature and easy trimming.

Gerbera daisies to keep things bright

Just like the wallflower, gerbera daisies can bring so many colours into your garden and look great in a flower bed with some play bark. A recent study by NASA has provided a few colourful blooms for gardeners keen to clean the air. Gerbera daisies are bonny, beautiful blooms that come in many different colours; white, orange, red, pink — whichever you pick, they’ll give your garden a splash of colour. These flowers love direct sunlight and a bit of space, so make sure not to leave them in a shady corner of your garden. Plus, NASA states that these wonderful flowers are great for dealing with multiple air toxins, such as benzene.

Climbing ivy

There’s something quintessentially British about ivy crawling up the side of a house or tree. Though it has a bad reputation in the States as being a weed, it can be a lovely addition to your garden if tended to. The plant offers benefits for wildlife and for the air – Goldsmiths, University of London, states that the wide leaves of the common ivy traps particulates, which makes it a great choice for purifying the air.

Best air-cleaning practices

You’ll want to make sure your gardening techniques are green too. SmilingGardener offers five great ways to reduce pollution in ways beyond planting shrubs and flowers:

  • Get composting. You can turn many waste products into compost to stop it going to the landfill.
  • Stay away from gluten meal. SmilingGardener notes this meal is made up from genetically modified corn, so best to stay away from using it, if possible.
  • Opting for quiet equipment. This one’s more for noise pollution, but it’s certainly an added bonus for the pollution-conscious gardener to take note of!
  • Lower pesticide use. This one is probably a given, but if you can avoid using chemicals on your garden, please do.
  • Look indoors as well as outdoors. As well as planting outdoor plants to combat air toxicity, consider bringing in some houseplants to cleanse the air in your home.



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The All New Shoppable Instagram Feature – How Will it Affect You?



The social media world is becoming more of an important asset for retailers. A few months ago, Instagram announced that it had launched a shopping service on its platform, which means that retailers can tag products in posts and sell directly. In fact, 42% of small businesses said that they would rather point a customer to their Instagram profile than their website. Together with Angelic Diamonds, retailers of marquise diamond rings, we explore what this means for players in the jewellery industry:

What exactly does this feature do?

The feature, known as ‘shoppable Instagram’ allows businesses to add a link to an item into their posts. Such “shoppable posts” allow users to click-through these links straight to the website.

Amy Cole, Instagram’s head of business development, tells Marketing Week: “Brands tell their story in the same way an individual person does, so it creates a direct relationship and levels the playing field for small and big businesses.” Instagram currently has more than 800 million users, including 25 million business accounts and two million advertisers, Instagram has a strong following that can take advantage of the new concept. It’s an ideal platform for brands to connect with their consumers in a way that they once couldn’t.

When we conducted this research, 600,000 businesses were reported as using Shopify, and more than $63 billion (£48 billion) worth of products has been sold through the platform. But, how can jewellers in particular make the most of the feature?

The introduction of Shoppable Instagram

Shoppable Instagram, or ‘Shopify’ as some know it, means that you can advertise your products in a more natural way, by introducing your items on your followers’ feeds without it being too advertorial. This is unlike the other options of Instagram advertising where you choose from photo ads, carousel ads (with multiple pictures), video ads and Stories ads.

More recently, bigger brands have been provided with a feature to offer shopping through their Stories too — hinting that this could be rolled out to all Shopify businesses soon. Currently, 30% of the most viewed stories on Instagram are from brands. This suggests that people enjoy seeing what a business is up to and connecting with their favourite brands in this way. Plus, one third of messages sent through Instagram Direct each month begin with an Instagram Story. Keep your Stories updated and maintain a connection with your customers through this feature as preparation for Shopify on Stories. For instance, why not show your consumers what goes into the making of the latest piece?

Use Instagram in the way that you currently do — to connect with your audience. But, encourage users to click-through into the image with a call to action in the caption, such as encouraging them to learn more about the item by following the Shopify button or offering them the option to see more detailed images.

What specific impact does this have on the jewellery industry?

Whether it’s an engagement ring, a wedding ring or a gift for someone close, it’s usually not a quick purchase decision. The interaction that customers can get with their brand through social media therefore plays on this, as it allows them to build a relationship and connect with a brand by following what they do online. In fact, 80% of people follow a business or brand through Instagram and more than 150 million people have a conversation with a business through the platform’s direct messaging feature (Instagram Direct) each month.

Through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, social media users can leave comments when they like a piece, or tag someone who they think it would make a nice gift for. Perhaps the purchase won’t happen straight away but situations like this, which wouldn’t occur without social media, start to increase brand awareness.

One jewellery brand attributes 59% of their sales to Instagram and they say this is because it’s an option for people to discover the brand over the platform — they may not have been exposed to it otherwise.

Influencer marketing too, is predominantly on Instagram. This is where individuals on Instagram with a high number of followers talk about or feature a product in their post — influencing followers to purchase it too. Jewellers can use this strategy and encourage people to feature their products in posts, often leading to an increase in following and interest in the product.

As we can see, social media already plays a great part in connecting jewellery brands with their audience. But, with the introduction of shoppable Instagram, keeping in touch with your customers through the platform could mean more sales as well as increasing brand awareness.



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The Future of Fuel



Due to the levels of Nitrogen Oxide it emits from our vehicles, diesel has received a lot of scrutiny lately. In fact, it’s received such a backlash that the UK government plans to ban the sales of new diesel and petrol vehicles by 2040 in an attempt to keep the air quality across the nation cleaner. This has led to the electric vehicle market experiencing in increase in sales, with 2017 being a record year for sales.

So, as the government tries to encourage the public to begin the transition to electric and hybrid vehicles, what does this mean for traditional fuel sources? Lookers, retailers of used cars, explores what the UK’s future looks like for fuel:

Electric fuel stations

A lack of charging points led to the electric vehicle market previously coming under criticism. However, could a transition towards electric and hybrid vehicles see us say goodbye to traditional fuel? In the past 12 months, our EV charger installations have increased and evolved substantially to suit the lifestyles of many drivers. Following in the footsteps of other countries around the globe, like New Zealand who are rolling out easier-to-find charging stations, the UK has over 20 companies and organisations installing and running nationwide or regional electric car charging networks.

Back in May 2017, at least another 3,000 rapid charging points were set to be introduced to fuel station forecourts across the UK. Some researchers have also claimed they could have developed an ‘instantly rechargeable’ method that recharges an electric battery in the same time as it would take to fill a gas tank – a solution to one of the biggest headaches of electric vehicles.

BP confirmed that they added more rapid charging points for electric vehicles across their UK stations in the first few months of 2018. Oil firms are also recognising the potential for growth into the battery-powered vehicle market. A decision that follows in the footsteps of their rival, Shell, who have already invested money in several electric car infrastructure companies to install charging points at their service stations. According to The Guardian, the British oil firm, BP, is also investing $5 million (£3.5 million) in the US firm Freewire Technologies, which will provide motorbike-sized charging units at forecourts to top up cars in half an hour.

BP Downstream’s chief executive, Tufan Erginbilgic, commented: “EV charging will undoubtedly become an important part of our business, but customer demand and the technologies available are still evolving.”

On a global scale, 2017 was a record year. In November 2017, global figures hit three million for the number of electric vehicles collectively on the roads – with China proving to dominate the market. Whilst oil firms such as BP expect the electric market to continue to rise, they hope the oil demand is not seriously affected – by cutting themselves a slice of the electric vehicle charging cake though, firms are covering their back if traditional oil demand does take a dip in line with the government’s plans to reduce harmful emissions and cut back on crude oil prices.

The fluctuation of fuel prices

The UK’s fuel prices have been up and down in recent years, with many factors influencing the economic state of fuel – from Brexit and harmful emissions to UAE conflict, fuel prices haven’t been steady for some time now – and a plan to eliminate petrol and diesel cars will not help steady the cost of fuel either.

Simon Williams, a fuel spokesman for the RAC, said: “Both petrol and diesel are now at their highest points for more than three years which is bound to be making a dent in household budgets”. Following the three-year high in the cost of petrol and diesel on UK forecourts, the RAC and other industry experts have been encouraging supermarkets to cut their fuel prices to make them more affordable. So far in 2018, three of the UK’s leading supermarkets have listened to the RAC’s call for lower fuel prices, and have reduced fuel prices by up to 2p per litre as of February 2018.

With the UK remaining in negotiations over Brexit agreements, we could see fuel prices continue to fluctuate throughout the process. Following Brexit, what will that mean for fuel prices? In 2014, the OPEC made a decision to increase the level of domestic fuel production in the UK, which led to a price drop to 98p in January 2016 — the lowest price of fuel per litre since the financial crisis in 2009. However, the UK still heavily relies on imported energy and fuel – around 38% of the UK’s total energy consumption is reliant on imported energy. Could our trading relationships be at risk after Brexit? And, of course, we must also consider how the uncertainty around the value of the pound could affect fuel costs following Brexit.

Following the UK’s vote to leave the European Union, the value of the pound experienced an immediate fall of 20% against the dollar. This caused fuel prices to increase by around 10p per litre and experts to raise concern that Brexit could mark the end of cheap fuel in Britain.

Higher crude oil prices and the devaluation of the pound combined could mean that Britain should expect higher fuel prices become the norm. The cost of fuel looks to remain uncertain in the near future, though thing that appears to be for certain is that both the high fuel prices and attempts to improve air quality in the UK will have a positive impact on the EV market, with success forecast to continue to surge in the years leading up to 2040.



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The Latest Technological Advancements in Waste Management



As we know technology is rapidly evolving and has been for the last few years however, for the waste management sector there has a slow up take on technology, and it uses within the industry. Going off leading figures, it is all set to change as various technologies, apps and methods are being introduced to the waste management world.

From science to smartphones, food waste to recycling, join us as we take a look through the latest technologies that are supporting the waste management’s progress.

Automated waste collection

First we start with a potential solution to waste management, pollution, and traffic issues, it was reported by Greener Ideal that the use of Automated waste collection is growing. Essentially, the process would see an underground network of tubes linking homes and designated outlets to a waste collection centre. People would have a bin for general waste, organic waste, and paper waste, and would sort their rubbish and recycling as is standard today. When the bins reach a certain limit, the bottom would open to “flush” the waste out through vacuum tubes. No more putting the bins out!

This system is already being used within parts of Europe and Disney World. There are plans to make it more mainstream, but this has been held up at points by concerns over larger items of waste not being able to go into the automated waste collection outlets.

Anaerobic digestion

Two major issues are battling the world: fuel and waste. Landfills cannot sustain us forever, and the worry about greenhouse gasses has pushed the need for solutions to both problems. With anaerobic digestion, we may have found one answer for both questions.

In fact, Waste management World, speaks about the process being potentially the best technology developed by the waste management sector in recent years. The process sees waste matter being broken down by microorganisms in an oxygen-less environment. The remains left over can be used as fertilizer, and the gas it produces is used for energy. The process is an improvement upon previous methods used to create compost from organic waste.

Organic waste, can be dealt with by anaerobic digestion while at the same time, it can provide gas-based energy. Plus, as humans will always create organic waste, the energy anaerobic digestion creates is classed as renewable energy

The downside of the technology, is that it’s expensive because in order for anaerobic digestion to work on a commercial scale, a huge investment in large tanks and process vessels is required.

Enzyme-based solutions

A similar process to anaerobic digestion according The Guardian – enzymes are used to convert cooking oil into biodiesel. Novozymes has launched Eversa, an enzymatic solution available for commercial use. The process can turn lower grade oils into biodiesel, which in turn, lowers the cost of raw materials for biodiesel producers.

As well as converting used cooking oil as a raw material, Eversa rids the requirement of sodium methoxide, which is one of the most hazardous chemicals used in biodiesel plants. Removing such hazardous substances is a benefit to both human and environmental safety.


The waste management companies, have embraced the world of apps, with many developing and releasing them to help businesses and residents manage their waste in a more efficiently, environmentally friendly manner.


Reconomy, the UK’s leading provider of outsourced waste management and recycling services released this app that allows businesses to hire, exchange, off-hire, or reorder a range of skips, from hazardous waste skip to wait and load skips.

Users are also able to respond to any on-site issues or note developments quickly and efficiently – without any delay from phone calls or waiting to book an order. It works alongside Reconomy’s online portal too, which will store a full audit trail.

The app is available for download on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Too Good To Go

This app has been developed to enable people to buy food that restaurants are going to throw away at the end of the working day for cheap. The app is currently active in eight European countries and plans to expand further.

Connecting with over 5,000 stores, 3 million users, and claims to have save 2.5 million meals’ of excess food, you can find this app available on Google Play and the Apply App Store.



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