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Deadly Hotels in Holidays

Rickety old haunted houses are for lightweights. Want to really feel the fear? (You sicko.) For seekers of creepy kicks, there’s nothing quite like a bona fide gruesome death site. Hotels are primo spots for dubious deeds—including big-time murders, overdoses, and suicides, as well as run-of-the-mill accidental biotoxin poisonings. So in the spirit of a forensics-leaning Halloween, here’s our list of 12 inns that hosted famous passings. They range from rock ‘n’ rollers’ expiration sites off L.A.’s Sunset Strip to a sumptuous boutique hotel on Paris’s Left Bank. Most have successfully scrubbed themselves of their dubious reputation, while a few happily trade on the notoriety. But one thing is shared by every place listed: You don’t need a ghost-busting team to get a genuine shudder from their bloodstained histories.


The Chelsea’s facade is like Tim Burton’s fantasy of a grand hotel: 12 stories of bloodred brick, broken up by black wrought-iron balconies. The hotel’s guest book reads like the history of 20th-century American culture—you could call it the birthplace of Beat poetry, American modern art, and the singer-songwriter movement—but it is still best known as the place where Dylan Thomas spent his last days and Sid Vicious killed his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen. Nicknamed the “exploding dimwit” by the music press, Vicious was the former bass player for English punk band the Sex Pistols. Vicious and Spungen were a volatile couple, and were regularly seen covered with bruises and cigarette burns. On October 12, 1978, after a pair of early-morning anonymous phone calls to the hotel’s front desk calling attention to room 100, Spungen was found dead on the bathroom floor with a single knife wound in her abdomen, while Vicious walked the halls, muttering. The actual stabbing is still a punk rock mystery: There are theories that Spungen was murdered by one of two drug dealers who visited the hotel room that night. Vicious died of a heroin overdose before he could go to trial, and rumors of a shared suicide pact continue to this day.

LIZZIE BORDEN BED & BREAKFAST, Fall River, Massachusetts

Death, New England–style: After a breakfast of bananas and johnnycakes and a stroll in town, return home to receive 40 whacks with an ax. This was the nature of Andrew Borden’s last day on earth, a day guests at the Lizzie Borden B&B can relive in most of its particulars, save the actual ax blows. Borden was murdered on August 4, 1892, along with his second wife (pictured). Suspicion has always fallen on their daughter Lizzie, though she was tried and found not guilty. Unlike the typical hotel-cum–murder site, however, the owners of Lizzie’s former digs play up the Borden deaths, and the ambiguity that still surrounds them, giving the Lizzie Borden House a dash of creepiness to go with the cheesy feeling of a 19th-century theme park. The Greek Revival house in the Massachusetts industrial town of Fall River contains six bedrooms; fans of gore can pay $200 a night to sleep in the bedroom where Abby Borden, Lizzie’s stepmother, was found hacked to death. Lizzie’s own bedroom is also available for the same price, if the idea of getting into a likely murderess’s head appeals. A prominent Lizzie-didn’t-do-it theory has Bridget Sullivan, the family maid, taking the hatchet to her masters after they asked her to wash the windows on a particularly hot day; her attic room, at $175, is one of the house’s cheaper pleasures.

L’HÔTEL, Paris

These days, the fab L’Hôtel (see slideshow), on Paris’s Left Bank, is as far from a stained-floral-bedspread overdose motel as you can get. Not so, however, when Oscar Wilde lay in his death throes, which ended on November 30, 1900. One of his last quips, “I am dying beyond my means,” referred not to the hotel’s elegance, but to his own total insolvency (there is an unpaid bill of 26,000 francs still outstanding). But Wilde’s last days in room 16 are shrouded in mystery. Did he die of syphilis, or cerebral meningitis resulting from an ear infection? Did he willingly join the Catholic faith, or was he dragooned into accepting last rites by pushy priests? One thing is clear: The hotel’s decor was not up to the aesthete’s standards. His last words are reputed to be, “My wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death. One or other of us has got to go.” The hotel has transformed itself, meanwhile, into one of the most praised boutique hotels on the planet, full of rich brocades, wood paneling, and framed mementos of Wilde’s stay. Though it took them another 100 years to finally change that wallpaper.

CECIL HOTEL, Los Angeles

Take a deteriorating building, a skid row neighborhood, proximity to a clinic for sex offenders, and serial killers as long-term guests, and you come close to describing the magic of the Cecil Hotel in the 1980s. The hotel is now a boutique establishment that plays on its access to the nearby Staples Center, but in its glory years it hosted a ghoulish assortment of losers and killers, including “Night Stalker” Richard Ramirez (pictured) and Austrian journalist-cum-murderer Jack Unterweger. Ramirez, who was found guilty of 14 murders in the 1980s, stayed on the 14th floor for several months in 1985, paying (creepy coincidence alert) $14 a night. And Unterweger, a writer and prostitute-killer released by Austrian authorities for good behavior and then sent to America on a high-profile journalistic junket, also used the hotel as a base to pick up at least three prostitutes who were later found murdered. The two may have been feeling the vibes from Pauline Otten, who jumped out a window in 1962 and killed a pedestrian, as well as herself, in her fall; or from the still unsolved murder of Goldie Osgood, the “pigeon lady” of Pershing Square, who was found strangled in her Cecil room in 1964. But you have to give the new management some respect: At least they haven’t named a drink after Ramirez or done up Unterweger’s room in period decor.


Italian anarchist Luigi Lucheni could not have chosen a more pristine murder spot than Geneva’s white-wedding-cake Beau Rivage Hotel (see slideshow). On September 10, 1898, Empress Elizabeth of Austria was leaving the hotel to catch a boat on Lake Geneva when Lucheni repeatedly stabbed her with a file that penetrated her heart and lungs. When aid was administered, the empress did not allow her corset to be undone until she had reached the relative privacy of the boat; when the stays came off, she was revealed to be bleeding to death. The assassination gave Geneva’s reputation for pampering the rich and famous an extra frisson of danger. Today, most visitors to this ostentatious palace on Lake Geneva are ignorant of the more recent passing of prominent German politician Uwe Barschel, who was found dead, fully dressed in a bathtub full of water following an overdose of prescription drugs, on October 11, 1987. Barschel had recently been involved in a Watergate-style scandal and his career was over. The breezes off Lake Geneva seem to inspire the darkest deeds—there’s definitely something in the water.


The two-story 1950s cast-concrete building, the palm trees and bougainvillea surrounding the big pool, the empty bottles lying around, the unemployed actors hoping for a big break—the former Landmark Motor Hotel was the perfect stage for a celebrity’s last act. And on October 4, 1970, Janis Joplin provided just that, dying of an alcohol-and-heroin overdose in the wee hours of the morning. Joplin obtained some startlingly strong heroin, injected herself, went to the lobby to buy cigarettes, returned to her room, and keeled over from her bed into an end table. She was found the next day, dressed in a blouse and panties, by her road manager. Change from the lobby’s cigarette machine was still in her fist, and a bottle of Ripple wine left on the nightstand. Joplin was thus a founding member of the “27 club,” the dubiously honorable circle of musicians who expired at that tender age, along with Brian Jones, who died the previous year, and Jimi Hendrix, who preceded her by a mere two weeks. The Landmark Motor Hotel has been renamed the Highland Gardens Hotel, and is still home to up-and-coming actors attracted by its central location just off the Sunset Strip—though it is doubtful at this point if any of them know that the singer of Me and Bobby McGee (a posthumous #1) spent her last moments there.


The soaring brick Park Central Hotel (formerly the Park Sheraton), across the street from Carnegie Hall, once had one of New York’s more elegant barbershops. With a wall of mirrors, lined with rows of scissors, razors, and hair tonic, reflecting swiveling barber chairs and a tiled floor, this cleanest of rooms was also the stage for one of the city’s most famous mob murders. On October 25, 1957, Albert Anastasia, creator of the long-running Gambino crime family and former head of the prolific Murder, Inc., gang, had his eyes closed and neck exposed ready for a shave when three gunmen burst in the door from the street and shot him several times. Anastasia reportedly lunged at the mirror, mistaking his assassins’ reflections for the real thing, before collapsing on the floor and ending up in one of the great crime-scene photos of all time (pictured). And as if that were not enough bad karma for one hotel, the Park Sheraton had already seen a major league mob murder. In 1928, Arnold Rothstein, one of the key players in the fixing of the 1919 World Series and the model for the Jewish mobster Meyer Wolfsheim in The Great Gatsby, was found bleeding in the hotel’s service entrance. Rothstein was a gangster to the end: When the police asked him, on his deathbed two days later, to identify his killers, he said, “My mother did it.”


What a party it was: On August 20, 1945, five days after Japan’s surrender in the Second World War, 300 Japanese officers relaxed in the lobby of Singapore’s Raffles Hotel (see slideshow), with its soaring ceilings and palm trees. They luxuriated in the August heat and made sake toasts before coming to the evening’s climax: Each pulled his ceremonial sword from its scabbard and literally fell on it. It was an odd choice of location for a mass suicide. The Raffles, named after Sir Stamford Raffles, the founder of Singapore, was built in 1887 as the ne plus ultra of colonial chic (Somerset Maugham was a regular guest). The hotel also served as an administration center for the Japanese occupation of Singapore during the war. Perhaps accustomed to their comfy conditions, the officers decided that death was better than dishonor when word came that their emperor had officially surrendered and British troops were on the way. The reluctance of the Japanese to leave the hotel compound may also have had something to do with the hatred their occupation had instilled in Singaporeans, as expressed by the revenge killings that were happening all over the country; no matter what, the officers endowed Singapore with a legend worthy of of the Romans, with a touch of Jonestown thrown in for good measure.


They don’t come much grander, or more lethal, than Philadelphia’s former Bellevue-Stratford. Built in 1904 with 1,090 rooms, Tiffany and Lalique fixtures, and a lighting system designed by Thomas Edison himself, the Bellevue was the toast of Philadelphia until 1976, when it took out 34 guests in a single sitting. Following an American Legion convention in celebration of the Bicentennial, several attending Legionnaires began suffering pneumonia-like symptoms. A total of 221 people were afflicted, of whom 34 eventually died; near-pandemonium spread as fears of an epidemic circulated through the press. The hotel closed its doors a few months after the convention, and the investigation that followed was a CSI-worthy spectacle of forensic scientists crawling around the building, closing their net on the perpetrator. Eventually, a brand-new strain of bacteria was traced to the hotel’s cooling tower; the toxic critters had taken a ride along the currents of the hotel’s air-conditioning to lodge in guests’ lungs. Legionnaires’ disease—Legionellosis—was born. The hotel was bought and resold throughout the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s, and was eventually converted to a mall, then reconverted to a luxe 172-room establishment, now known as the Park Hyatt Philadelphia at the Bellevue (see slideshow). The new name reflects a more sterile era, without the thrill of a time when going to a banquet might mean acquiring a newly-discovered disease.


Silent-film comedian Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle’s 1921 Labor Day bash in room 1220 of the Westin St. Francis provided newspapers with the scandal of the decade, complete with illicit booze, groupies, and the death of a young actress. The actual events are clouded in San Francisco fog: At some point in the proceedings, Virgina Rappe, a 30-year-old starlet with a few screen credits, went off to the bedroom by herself, quite drunk. Four days later she was dead, and Arbuckle (pictured in a still from the 1916 movie He Did And He Didn’t) was tried for first-degree murder, with the San Francisco D.A. claiming the star had raped Rappe and fatally injured her with his excessive body weight. There were three trials, as circuslike as the original party had been, with tampered witnesses (including one Zey Prevon and a Dr. Beardslee), faked evidence, the shredding of many reputations, two hung juries, and finally, a verdict of not guilty. Arbuckle was banned from several studios and went bankrupt; one little trip to the bedroom made him, in his own words, “the guy everyone loves to hate.”


As if terrifying Southern California in August 1969 with the gory Tate/LaBianca murders wasn’t enough, the Manson Family allegedly extended its deadly influence across the ocean later that year. On December 2, Joel Dean Pugh was found with a slit throat in London’s Talgarth Hotel in West Kensington. Suicide was not ruled out, as two bloody razors were found near the body; but what complicated the case was a series of notes written in backward script, reportedly spelling out “Jack and Jill” in multiple iterations, as well as backward scribbles on the room’s mirror. Strangely, no evidence was recorded, including photographs of the crime scene or fingerprints. However, Pugh was the husband of Manson Family member Sandra Good, and had come to London to sell rare coins and raise money for the Family’s continuing activities. His traveling companion, Bruce Davis (pictured, after giving himself up to the authorities), is still in prison for his complicity in multiple Manson murders; some conspiracy theories have Davis doing in Pugh for threatening to leave the Family.

HACIENDA, Los Angeles

The best hotel managers are invisible, making their hotels run with the appearance of effortless ease. And then there are the managers who take a gun and shoot you between the ribs. This was Sam Cooke’s experience in L.A.’s rundown Hacienda Hotel, now repurposed as an airport layover spot. The truth about the night Cooke died remains as murky as any show business death story: Although he was enjoying a huge run of success—You Send Me was already a hit single—and was learning to like the high life, he checked into the Hacienda, a “$3 hotel” as his brother later called it, with a strange woman, and was shot there on December 11, 1964. The elderly hotel manager, Bertha Franklin, told a story that now comes off as utterly absurd: Cooke burst into her office wearing only one shoe and a sport coat, grabbed her, and threatened her with violence. In the struggle, Franklin said she picked up a gun as well as a broomstick, shooting Cooke and whopping him on the head with the broom for good measure. The L.A.P.D. never seriously investigated the case, ignoring evidence such as bloodstains and skin found on the sidewalk outside, as well as a serious welt on Cooke’s forehead that was unlikely to have been inflicted by a broom-wielding old woman. It just goes to show that you should always tip hotel staff.

Hello All! My name is Chris and I am a 32 year old entrepreneur that has always been fascinated with anything that is different from the everyday norm . Lately, it has been hard to keep up with everything, whether it's cool and weird places to visit, or new bands that are creating different sounds.

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7 of the Most Bizarre Fertility Rituals Across the Globe



Across England and Wales in 2018, it was reported that the birth rate declined by 3.2 per cent in comparison to 2017. In 2012’s beak, there was also a recorded 9.9 per cent decline. There are many potential factors for why the birth rate has fell, including a focus on establishing and being successful in a career before starting a family.

Another reason for some unfortunately is fertility. According to the NHS, while 84 per cent of couples will conceive naturally within a year if the have regular unprotected sex, one in seven couples may struggle to conceive. While some may go down the route of IVF, others may choose to have surgical procedures to help treat infertility. There are also supplements available for both partners to take to help boost their fertility levels. Coenzyme Q10 boosts fertility by improving sperm quality. But, while these are all ways to try to increase our chances of conceiving, there are many bizarre fertility rituals evident across the world. Here, we take a look:

A Zimbabwean Baboon Cocktail

Food and releasing sensual inhibition. What could be better? The likes of oysters, asparagus, and pomegranate are all said to have seductive connotations by being aphrodisiacs, while some restaurants and bars have concocted what they believe to be sensual cocktails. However, locals in Zimbabwe have taken it to a whole new level. It’s believed that baboon urine carries hormones that can boost male and female fertility. People are known to mix baboon urine with beer in a bid to aid their likelihood of becoming parents. Unsurprisingly, medical professionals in Africa advise against this ritual.

Italian Seat of Fertility

In Italy, there’s a chair also known as a ‘miracle’ chair said to increase fertility. Believed to have been owned by Saint Maria Francesco of the Five Wounds of Jesus, this chair sees thousands of women queue up to sit in it and be blessed with increased fertility levels. There’s obviously no scientific proof that this will work, but around the chair are thousands of pictures of babies born to ladies shortly after they took part in this ritual.

Congo Undergarments

Hanging ladies’ underwear might be some form of expressive art in Muriels bar in Belfast, yet this isn’t the case in the Congo. It’s customary for the nation’s Yansi people to throw their underwear onto their roof when it’s a waning moon. This is meant to help boost fertility and the rate of conception.

Coffins in China

While it’s customary for many to have a wake after a funeral, Cantonese funerals are slightly different. Often, the daughters-in-law of the deceased will cover their stomachs with green cloths — this colour as associated with spring, growth and fertility. They will then rub their bodies against the coffin in a bid to gain the procreative power of the recently deceased person.

Hungarian Water

Significantly less unusual, but in Holloko, a yearly custom takes place where men are dressed up in costumes and drench women in water. This ritual dates back to as early as the 2nd century and is believed to be a way to cleanse women in order to give them the gift of fertility. Women who want to participate line the streets in traditional clothing and wait for males to throw water over them.

Holy Water in Turkey

The Wishing Column is home to Hagia Sophia Museum, Istanbul. The museum, which has previously been a church and then a mosque, sees people come from far and wide to see the column which is said to weep holy water. It’s often referred to as being the tears of the Virgin Mary. Women will stick their thumb into the hole and rotate it as far as they can in the hope of boosting their fertility levels. They believe that this is their way of being blessed by this sacred water.

Fertility in Britain

This list wouldn’t be complete without a special mention to Cornwall’s ‘Crick Stone’. Its legend dates back over 4,500 years and it’s said that if a woman passes through it seven times, they’ll fall pregnant shortly after.

Whilst it’s recommended that you seek medical advice to increase fertility, if you fancy a trip away and want to experience a unique foreign tradition, this list has you covered!


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7 Most Bizarre Hairstyles of all Time



Change is good. And crazy changes are the best ones. Creepy styles are wonderful to adapt because they crack open the eyes of the people who judge everyone without any reason. Why can’t you do what you want with your body? It is yours and you can inflict whatever you want on it. But maintain it with elegance. Because your lack of elegance will make your appearance funny which is not at all intended. The best way to experiment is to do so with your hair. It grows back and you can do almost everything with it. So let’s explore some mindblowing haircuts.

Crazy hairstyles can be adapted with the help of the Andis pro alloy  hair clipper. It is a classic new clipper with wonderful facilities to enhance your haircut experience. Learn all about your desired device and adapt some of the given styles which will blow off the minds of the onlookers.

Colored Gecko Haircut

Imagine a large lizard on your head with a colored body and huge eyes. The two eyes will be peeking on the front. The hair is cut in the shape of a gecko and then is dyed accordingly. The style is weird and funny. You need to be absolutely funky to be able to carry this cut. Beware it is a very dangerous style to adapt to the land of hunting birds. So never be surprised if an eagle swoops down to snatch your hair. Just kidding. If you can carry it, it is quite funny to watch.

Nest haircut

Okay, let us warn you at the very beginning. This is a very difficult style to adapt in case your hairdresser is inept. It involves a huge love for nature. Especially if you want to walk in a rally supporting the growth of the Amazon forest, you can easily adapt this as it portrays an immense connectedness with the wild. But styling your hair will be tedious as the style involved a nest, three birds, two eggs and a predator who wishes to steal the eggs. As you can surely understand, it will take a lot of time and patience. Are you ready to do it for nature?

Cap cut

Don’t have a cap, yet wish to wear one? You can get your hair, cut in the style of a cap to adapt the style of a cap. You will have a natural cap on your head all the time. The cap seller will be at a loss about what to do when your head is fashioned as a cap but never mind, your barber will be a fan. But carry the style with swag or else you’ll look like a walking joke.

Hold my head style

Happy Halloween. Just think some fingers grabbing your head with grotesque figures. Well, it is not that bad but just as creepy. It will be perfect for your Halloween party. Completely scary but completely out of the box. Are you ready to try it?

Back eye haircut

This haircut will assure the fact that no one will talk about you behind your back. You head will have a large eye at the back. It will ease your dilemma about how to treat people with the habit of back bitching. It is scary for your acquaintances who are involved in this habit. Well, what’s wrong. You know, karma!

Spider Haircut

Who hates spider Man? Well, stupid question. This haircut needs an experienced hairdresser with lots of skills. Extreme talent is required to design this. It is mainly because this style is a hot favorite among the kids. They are the most ardent fans of the Spider-Man. With webs all around the head, your kid will be truly happy after a binge of Spiderman. But at the same time be prepped. It is quite costly.

Around the world cut

It is a simple cut. The hairdresser will require a minimum amount of time to design this. It might seem a bit weird to others but they are no one to judge. You can do whatever you want with your head. Freedom is the last thing and you can exercise it in whatever way you want with your own body.

On the end note, always remember your body is yours only. You have the right to do anything to it, wear whatever style you want irrelevant of the fact what others say about you. You must have the confidence of carrying whatever you adapt as your style. Body shaming or body trolling is a shameful act done by people who are most insecure in their own existence. You are not one of them. Do whatever you want with your body. Walk with confidence. Walk with elegance. Dare the world. Be yourself. That is the best style of all.


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6 Totally Weird and Wacky Things to Do in Toronto



Whether you are taking a holiday in Toronto or are exploring flights from Montreal to Toronto for business reasons, why not make the most of your stay? There’s something totally boring about visiting all the usual tourist traps that are just like those found in any other city around the world. When visiting Toronto, why not look for something off the beaten path, something weird and wacky? Here are six of those experiences you won’t want to miss on your next trip to Ontario’s capital, Toronto.

1. Cuddle Parties

Now, this is an odd one and maybe just a bit hard to explain. A Cuddle Party is hosted by people who have been specially trained to facilitate these parties in various locations around North America. This one happens to be located in Toronto and the whole object is to help people become comfortable with the notion of non-sexual touching. It all involves asking and giving permission to touch, and those who have attended these parties have said they were just as entertaining as they were informative. In this world where boundaries have become obscured everywhere from politics to academia, a Cuddle Party is just the way to teach people how to draw boundaries for themselves while recognizing boundaries in others. Again, this is not the dry workshop or lesson you might be expecting, but it is a weird and wacky thing to do when visiting Toronto.

2. Rage Room

So, you’ve finally gotten away from the stress and frustration at the office. You’ve checked for full-service flights from Montreal to Toronto for that extra bit of pampering no longer seen on most airlines and have found what you were looking for on However, don’t let that soothing flight with air stewards treating you like royalty soothe you too much! You want to keep some of that pent-up rage you’ve tried not to direct at that obnoxious co-worker or that demanding boss. Visit the Rage Room at 26 Ashwarren Road where you will get a chance to redirect that rage at inanimate objects. One thing you will appreciate is the fact that your ‘box’ comes with full protective gear and your choice of weapons. Looking for a really wacky thing to do on a trip to Toronto? This is where you can literally let it all out, no holds barred!

3. The Biblio-Mat

Okay, so if it’s bizarre you are looking for, this is one experience that will delight you without being overly expensive. Located at 1229 Dundas St. W, the Biblio-Mat is a vending machine full of vintage books. Some are rare and others just meet the ‘vintage’ classification in that they are from days LONG gone by, but the most fun is when you see the book or books the machine chooses for you. Oh, did we forget to mention that? Unlike your ‘normal’ vending machine, you put the $2 in and the machine spits out a book of its choice. Now imagine going to a candy or soda machine only to be given the selection the machine wants you to have? As bizarre as this may sound, some books are even more bizarre than not getting to choose which books you want! One rare 1970-71 catalog, the Canadian Tire Fall, actually predicted a woman’s character and personality traits based on the shape of her breasts. Now that’s weird and wacky!

4. The Cineforum

It just keeps getting wackier and wackier! How would you like to go to the cinema, only to have the movie operator stand there in the theater screaming and yelling at you? This is touted as an alternative movie experience and is actually hosted in the living room of the man who runs the movies. This is situated in a home designed after the Victorian era and the host, Reg Hartt, put together this avantgarde theater back in 1992. He asks a ‘donation’ of $10 for those under the age of 24 and $20 for those 25 and older. All films are considered to be vintage and this is one host who keeps nothing in reserve if you were to ask for a film of a more modern era. He has been known to verbally abuse and swear at his guests. Remember, it really all is in good fun, so come prepared to be insulted and don’t believe you are being singled out. Well, you are, but all in the spirit of the evening!

5. Imagine Living in Half a House!

Now, this is a weird and wacky site to behold. This is probably one of Toronto’s most famous pieces of real estate. Built back in the 1890s, this house is located on what was once Dummer Street but is now rezoned as 54 ½ St. Patrick Street. The story of this house is intriguing! When the row of houses was sold to make way for urbanization and other construction projects, the owner was more stubborn that most. He refused to sell and so his house, which was much like today’s duplexes or townhouses, was separated from its neighbor in a very precise manner. That took some doing but was made possible thanks to a creative demolition where the load-bearing wall that divided the two homes remained intact. The exterior wall was more decorative than functional, giving the entire building the look of a single unit, and now the remaining half has become an oft-visited curiosity in Toronto.

6. Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library

While not quite as weird and wacky as you might be led to believe, there are some fairly unusual characteristics of this library located on 120 St. George Street. Have you noticed yet that many of these weird experiences are located on streets named for saints? Maybe their ghosts inhabit these neighborhoods and that might be just what you’d expect when walking into a library that is home to an original Egyptian papyrus manuscript or some of Charles Darwin’s annotated proofs. What about Shakespeare’s First Folio dated 1623 and other books which can be handled by visitors? Reviewers of this library state that the ceiling to floor bookshelves in rooms of exposed floors are eerie enough to put you in a mindset of a Grimm’s Fairy Tale! If you thought the 1623 Shakespeare was old, that ancient Egyptian papyrus dated 245 B.C. is something to behold. It isn’t just the books that make this a weird and wacky adventure but the whole atmosphere in which the library is situated.

So, there you have six of the wackiest things you could hope to experience in Toronto, and if you aren’t excited to visit any one of these, then perhaps those flights from Montreal to Toronto should have landed in the Bermuda Triangle! Why go on a holiday or a business trip to a city where all you do is enjoy the very same sights and dining experiences you do back home? It’s time for a little excitement in your life, so if you haven’t got it in you to throw your laptop at the boss or cuddle up to a perfect stranger, this is the city you ‘should’ be visiting. Take time out to do something weird and wacky today to face all those mundane and totally boring tomorrows. You’ll be so glad you did!


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Odd Things People Eat



Odd things people eat, we don’t mean broccoli or sweet corn, we mean absurd and weird things. At least with greens that people hate so much, we know that it is proper food. But these are not even close to being healthy to the human body.


Last we checked glass cuts, but apparently, some people do not think so. Josh who was featured on My Strange Addiction confessed to having a glass eating addiction. Why someone would eat glass, we have no idea. But Josh seems to enjoy it. He says he loves to eat champagne glasses, wine glasses and light bulbs. Variety is the spice of life we guess, but you will visit here if you would rather play games or sports bet instead of eating glasses.


Eating cigarette or wood ashes, crazy we know, but we can understand. A woman, Cassie was 26 when she admitted that she loves eating ashes. The odd and crazy part about it was that these were the ashes of her late husband. Some ashes are scattered and some are eaten.

Human Blood

For this, we blame all the vampire movies. They are the ones who started with the aspect of drinking human blood. And look, it caught on. Not to everyone, thank goodness, but to one young lady Michelle. She admits that she started drinking her own blood when she was teen. She then tried pigs’ blood as a substitute, but she says that she prefers human blood.

Drinking Urine

Yes, we too were shocked when we found out that there was a lady out there who was drinking urine. Carrie appeared on My Strange Addiction and her addiction was drinking urine. For this one, we have no words. It just left us speechless.

And people thought playing online casino games was a strange hobby. Well, at least they aren’t odd. They are fun and exciting. And don’t involve any terrible pain. Like some things.

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5 Bizarre Things You Can Buy Online



The internet is truly a place of wonders. It’s a universal shopping mall where you can buy anything you need and a lot of things you never suspected to exist. People have all sorts of needs, and intrepid vendors have found innovative ways to meet them. Here are five of the wackiest, strangest, least-expected things you can buy online, as well as their very practical purposes.

If you are just looking for something normal to buy then make sure you check out Sello’s latest deal of the day.

Invest in an Experience Tube

What is the latest thing up the sleeves of the legendary immersive experience designers at Meow Wolf? Well… a sleeve. This bizarre striped tube of fabric looks like an overgrown pant leg, but according to their website, it’s no less than “analogue social media.” Slip it over your face, then slip it over a friend’s face, and watch the magic unfold. And by magic, we mean watch your friend try to contain their laughter among the wickedly-wobbling stripes. Fun? You betcha. Practical? It may not seem so, but it meets a very real, and very human, need: the need to connect.

Purchase Predator Urine

Practical for the gardener, the farmer, and the rancher but few others, this urine is used to repel beasts, from mice to deer. Since wolves and other predators prey on these animals, they avoid the scent of wolf urine at all costs, so it is a natural way to keep them out of your garden. Predator urine is also used to train fox hounds. By scattering the urine throughout the woods, hunters train their dogs to search for the tell-tale signs of foxes and other animals used in sport hunting.

Buy Tobacco Online

If you’re looking to pack, snip, or roll a smoke, your first instinct may be to go to a local gas station or to a cluttered strip-mall store. Fortunately, the internet has you covered. It may not seem super-intuitive to buy tobacco online, but in fact, doing so gives you better variety of brands and helps you score those hard-to-find cuts. Want to impress your friends with a couple of Havanas or some Wessex Dark Flake? Online’s the way to go.

Procure Some Right Shears

Nope, your vision isn’t distorted, and there’s nothing wrong with those scissors. Those are “right shears,” scissors manufactured with a right angle in the arms. Developed by a software engineer who noticed the way his father-in-law struggled while cutting wire mesh with normal scissors, these practical tools also help people with arthritis make cuts that would be difficult to make with normal scissors. And anyone who has struggled with opening an over-taped box would probably agree that Right Shears might be the right shears for the job. They may look a little Dr. Seuss, but Right Shears show that a good idea can find a home online, and even become a success.

Score a Skull

In the 19th century, medical schools faced a particular problem: an acute lack of human bodies and skeletons available for dissection. People weren’t too keen on donating their bodies to science, and the laws hadn’t caught up with the need of medical colleges, meaning that unclaimed bodies couldn’t be used. Scientists, doctors, dentists, and teachers have no such trouble today. Sites like The Bone Room will ship you human bones, whether you’re into natural history, or you just have a proclivity for the macabre. To purchase and own human bones is federally legal, believe it or not. Louisiana, Georgia, and Tennessee have laws restricting their purchase and ownership, though, so if you feel like scoring some unconventional decor in your living room, be sure that you live in a place where such purchases are acceptable.

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Bizarre Stuff

5 Strange British Dating Customs



England has its own identity. We all know about the Queen, the pints of beer and last but not least: the cups of tea. Those are just some of the aspects that give England its charm and quirkiness. It comes as no surprise that those quirks are often seen in everyday aspects of life. One aspect that is influenced by all those customs is dating. Today, we take a look at 5 strange and quirky British dating customs. They might not all sound that strange at first, but they’re definitely uniquely British!

Strange dating custom #1 – Dating over a cup of tea.

Now this might not sound so strange at first, but bear with us on that one. It might sound normal to date and have your favourite hot drink, nothing too weird there, right? For those of you who have had a cup of tea in the UK, you might know that the British like their tea to be quite strong. In fact it often reaches that point where it is mouth-drying strong.

So imagine trying to impress your date, only to have your breath dried up, and therefore not that good-smelling anymore. That and the need to go to the toilets after drinking so much of it… a strange, and certainly not very practical approach to dating indeed. It works for some, but it might not be your favourite cup of tea…

Strange dating custom # 2 – Banter and dry sense of humour

This probably won’t sound like anything special if you’re British, but the truth is that people in the UK have a pretty dry sense of humour. This often comes up when you are trying to date a British person. The thing is that if you’re not used to this brand of having fun, it might be easy for you to take offense at some of the jokes.

If sarcasm is a strange thing to you, get ready to be weirded out even further. The British sense of humour can be very direct, and people will use it whilst dating, whether you’re meeting them through Kent dating, dating sites from other regions of the UK or simply chatting to people in the pub. After all, most people do try to be funny during a date, it certainly makes any date a whole lot better. It’s all good… unless you’re not getting that they’re actually being playful.

Strange dating custom # 3 – The British love good manners

Nothing wrong with being polite and having good manners right? Well, the thing is that it might weird you out anyway, especially when you combine this with the British dry sense of humour. One minute the guy (or girl) is making the most sarcastic jokes ever, and the next minute they’re all: ‘please and thank you’.

That’s the strange part right there: dry cut one minute and totally gentleman the next… This mix can get quite difficult to get used to, and even more within the settings of a date. It might come across as a contradicting personality, whilst in fact it is just the way a lot of British people are. So get used to that duality, as it will definitely show its head when you’re dating a British person.

Strange dating custom #4 – The pub and beer date

Going out for a drink during a date isn’t unusual, in fact it is often a good way to relax those nerves and get on the same level. However most people tend to choose a quiet bar and will stick to the more ‘sophisticated’ types of drink. Wine and cocktails are often the best and easiest drinks to go for. In England they love beer, and it is not unusual for people to end up having a few pints on a date.

You know if you’ve had a pint that it’s not the most delicate way to drink beer. Whether you’re in the city of London or on the coast using websites that specialise in Devon dating, a pint can get you drunk pretty quickly. It’s a far cry from the tame approach to dating that some other countries have, and it might sound strange as far as it being the best approach to dating altogether. We recommend you increase your natural tolerance to beer, and you should be alright.

Strange dating custom #5 – British men are pretty laid back

This reason right there is why a lot of women are curious towards British men. The whole classy and laid back approach to seduction makes British men more attractive to women’s curiosity. This isn’t so much strange, but it can come across as unusual in a dating scene where most men can be pretty nervous.

Now this doesn’t mean that every single British dude will be that laid back, but the truth is that a lot of them will. It’s just a style that is part of the British culture, and it makes a difference from other cultures. Easier going and more confident… what’s there not to like? Apart from the fact that it might creep you out at first, you’ll get used to it but it might take a bit of time.

Should you date a British person?

So now that you’ve read this, do you think you would want to date a British person? Are you curious about those dating traditions? Does the British ‘swagger’ appeal to you? Well, why not give it a go? Dating in the UK is easy thanks to online dating, but walking into a British pub might just offer you some equal chances in meeting an agreeable partner.

Yes the Brits are strange, but their quirks are the reason we love them so much. Don’t think that you will be having a cup of tea with the queen, but don’t expect the same attitude you would get from dating an American, or even a French person neither. The best way to find out is to try things yourself, so get used to all that tea, beer and dry humor, you’re off to a great time!

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