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16 Actors & Actresses Who Never Saw Their Last Movie



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16 Actors & Actresses Who Never Saw Their Last Movie

Tupac Shakur TUPAC SHAKUR: The rapper, 25, was killed in a 1996 drive-by shooting after completing two films, “Gridlock’d” and “Gang Related,” both of which were released the following year. Chris Farley CHRIS FARLEY: The pudgy SNL funnyman died of a drug overdose in 1997. His final film, “Almost Heroes,” was released the following year. Brandon Lee BRANDON LEE: The son of martial arts film star Bruce Lee died in a mishap on the set of “The Crow” just eight days before filming was to be completed. Bruce Lee BRUCE LEE: The martial arts star died at 32 from a cerebral edema, one month before the release of his last film, “Enter the Dragon.”Jean Harlow JEAN HARLOW: Harlow was just 26 when she died of kidney disease just a month before release of her 1937 film “Saratoga.” James Dean JAMES DEAN: “Rebel Without a Cause” was released one month after Dean, 24, was killed in a 1955 car accident. Clark Gable CLARK GABLE: Gable died of a heart attack at 59 before the 1960 release of the film “The Misfits.” Phil Hartman PHIL HARTMAN: SNL star was shot and killed by his wife, Brynn Hartman, in a 1998 murder-suicide two months before the release of his film “Small Soldiers.”Natalie Wood NATALIE WOOD: The “West Side Story” starlet drowned in 1981 just before the completion of the science-fiction thriller “Brainstorm.” Heath Ledger HEATH LEDGER: His performance as the Joker in the summer blockbuster “The Dark Knight” earned rave reviews, died months before the film hit theaters. Marilyn Monroe MARILYN MONROE: Died in 1962 before premiering “Something’s Got to Give.” Spencer Tracy SPENCER TRACY: The 67-year-old screen star died of a heart attack after completing “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.” Aaliyah AALIYAH: The R&B star died in a 2001 Bahamas plane crash before the release of vampire flick “Queen of the Damned.” John Candy JOHN CANDY: The comedian dropped dead in 1994 while on location filming “Wagon’s East.” Another Candy film, “Canadian Bacon,” was released after his death. River Phoenix

RIVER PHOENIX: Died of drug-related heart failure four months before his film, “Silent Tongue,” came out. Gary Cooper GARY COOPER: Screen legend died of cancer in 1961, just a month before the release of his British mystery film “The Naked Edge.”

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Essential Covid Supplies All Employers Need



If your business is able to continue running as normal throughout the coronavirus pandemic, keeping your customers and employees safe should be on the forefront of your mind. Over the past year, businesses have had to make some serious changes to the way that they are run in order to ensure that the virus is not spread on the business premises and that individuals can work on or use business facilities as safely as possible. When it comes to keeping everybody safe, these are just some of the essentials that today’s businesses now need. 

Face Masks

Face masks have been mandatory in the UK since spring 2020 for anybody in a public place, including most businesses. This means that unless they have a medical exemption, you will need to ask your employees to wear a face covering while at work. Many companies have gone one step further to provide their employees with branded, comfortable face masks to wear as part of their uniform, although regular surgical or cloth face coverings will also suffice. It is also a wise idea to keep face coverings to give or sell to customers that need one when they come to the premises. 

Hand Sanitiser

Regular hand hygiene is still one of the best ways to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, and we are likely to see hand sanitising stations in big businesses like supermarkets for a long time to come. Providing your customers and staff with as many opportunities as possible to keep their hands clean is important regardless of the business that you run. Employees will benefit from having a personal sized bottle of alcohol hand sanitising gel to keep on their person while customers can use a sanitising station placed at the entrance and exit to the business. 


Many businesses have added a thermometer to their collection of coronavirus medical supplies, which is used to check the temperature of staff members and perhaps even customers upon arrival to the business. Since one of the first symptoms of COVID-19 is a high temperature and may not be noticeable in the early stages, using a thermometer to scan an individual’s forehead and take their temperature can be a very useful option for reducing the risk of infected yet asymptomatic people entering the business premises. 

Antiviral Cleaning Products

Regardless of the industry, any business that involves people coming together from different households must take cleaning even more seriously than they once did. Good antiviral cleaning products should be used multiple times per day, particularly on high-touch areas like card payment keypads, door handles, and light switches. Thorough cleaning with an approved antiviral disinfectant will kill COVID-19 particles that might be lurking on surfaces throughout the business and reduce the risk of infection. 

Keeping everything clean, regular hand washing and sanitisation, wearing face masks and keeping an eye on potential symptoms are key to keeping employees and customers safe in your business through this pandemic. For this, many businesses have had to add different supplies to their normal inventory. 

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A Look at the Standard Hospital Uniform: What Do You Need?



If you are about to start your first job in a hospital as a nursing professional, you will need to get your hands on the right uniform. When buying a uniform for hospital work, you may find that your employer has guidelines that you will need to follow, but you may be able to find a way to inject some of your own personality or preferences at the same time. Of course, professionalism, hygiene, and practicality will be your priorities. Here, we take a look at the standard hospital uniform you should be buying, as well as the accessories you might want to consider. 


The most popular choice of uniform for hospital staff is a durable set of hospital scrubs. Scrubs consist of trousers and a top, which are comfortable and easy to move around in. They are also made of fabric that minimizes the risk of cross-contamination in a hospital, wicks away sweat, withstands strong chemicals and regular washing at high temperatures, and provides protection for the wearer. Scrubs are often color-coded so that different types of nurses are easy to identify. 


Some hospital nursing staff wear a dress, and there are plenty of style options to choose from in terms of color, pattern, collar, and fastening. Generally, dresses should not sit above the knee and should be worn with tights or stockings. 

Hospital uniform colors

A nurse may be required to wear a different color of scrubs or dress to represent their role, but the system can vary depending on the hospital’s policy. There are often reasons behind the color coding of hospital uniform—surgeons and surgical nurses tend to wear blue or green, as wearing pink or red could desensitize their eyes to tissue in the human body. 

Practical and comfortable shoes

Nurses have to stand for long periods and are often rushing about under pressure. It’s important to avoid uncomfortable or insecure shoes that cause discomfort or that could lead to trips or falls. Nurses are usually required to wear flat, black shoes, and it is also a good idea to avoid shoes that are noisy or slippery on hospital floors. Compression stockings can also help to reduce pressure in the feet, which can be uncomfortable and lead to long-term health complications.

Surgical gloves

Nursing staff are expected to have disposable surgical gloves with them, as much of their day involves contact with potentially harmful substances and contaminated bodily fluids. By disposing of the gloves correctly after dealing with each patient, they can also prevent contaminating their next patient. 


There are several accessories that you might want to invest in as part of your nursing uniform, including a lanyard with an ID holder and clip, a penlight, and a fob watch. The watch not only tells the time, but also enables nurses to perform certain medical tests. Using a mobile phone is sometimes an option, but it can appear unprofessional to patients

Choosing a hospital uniform

There are two main considerations when choosing any element of your nursing uniform: protection and comfort. Nursing staff need to be protected from bacteria and harmful substances, and able to work at their best for long periods of time. An ill-fitting, uncomfortable, or poor-quality uniform can have a tangible impact on a nurse’s level of performance.

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4 Ways Thrive in Workforce If You Had A Criminal Record



A person with a criminal record faces more challenges in finding new jobs. Nowadays, employers are more concerned in knowing whether their applicant was involved in some form of crime or not.

The reason for this concern is for the future risk that he/she can harm others and their business. They might have certain restrictions on where they can work. For instance, in some states, it is the rule that a person with a criminal record is not allowed to work with kids.

But remember that all is not lost if you have a rather spotty background, you can also take the right actions to show yourself as a member of the larger community and invest your time to improve your image.

You have a variety of options that are available to you if you seek to become a contributing member of society.

1. Have an Understanding of Your Rights

A person with a criminal record must have an understanding of the laws, rules, and regulations in their state for them. There are cases where a person with an offensive record can say NO ethically and legally on answering the question about their past. Some applications of employment have statements written therein that state in the case of an offensive record, the person’s application will not be rejected.

You have to make yourself-confident that it is your right to get a job and feel proud for having valuable job-skills to contribute to the company. Remember to feel comfortable and give the interview in the same way as a person with no criminal record.

You could always seek to become your own boss if you choose. Of course, that will require you to market your services and find other creative ways to be known as the go-to person in your industry.

It may also require capital if you seek to start a full fledged business from the get-go.

2. Get Professional Assistance

A person with an offensive record can seek assistance from professionals. There are organizations that assist past-criminals and have contacts with employers who may help but have no obligation to give them an offer.

These organizations also support them in preparing their curriculum vitae, instilling tactics, and helping with manners. They can also provide help in ways to deal with their previous record in an interview. These professionals encourage ex-criminals to explain to the employer how best they can perform on the job.

3. Hire an Attorney

Hire a representable attorney who can protect you and ask him about the possibility of setting aside your criminal record using legal ways or by going to court. You can ask help from the court to try to expunge the record of the felonies from your side as well. If crime removal is not possible, at least ask the legal representative to minimize it legally.

4. Show Honesty During the Interview

Being honest is the best thing while showing up for an interview. If you are invited for the interview, with a criminal record, then open up about your mistake and don’t try to hide anything.

It will leave a much less negative impact on the interviewer by knowing all of your criminal acts at the beginning instead of discovering them later. If the interviewer discovers them later, he might dismiss you from the job for supporting the lie even if the level of offense is not very high.

Simple Points

This guide will be helpful for those who are now ashamed of their past criminal acts and seek to be employed respectfully. But the burden of the crime is holding them back. Various training programs are present for you to help you overcome challenges and issues that you might be facing as you seek to improve your life.

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Why Buy Anabolic Steroids Pill?



If you have been into fitness for a long time, then you know there reaches a time when you hardly make further improvements no matter how regularly you work out. That is why many fitness enthusiasts turn to anabolic steroid pills and supplements to enhance their fitness levels. Anabolic steroids pills are synthetically made to imitate the body’s hormones, like testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH).

The term anabolic usually refers to muscle building. Therefore, anabolic steroids pill loosely translates to pills that can help boost your muscle growth and strength. That is why many athletes in the fitness industry use anabolic steroids to achieve their workout goals quickly.

If you have just enrolled in a fitness routine, it is first crucial to understand what anabolic steroids pills are and why you may need to use them at some point. In this article, we look at the main reasons why you should buy anabolic steroids pill.

Why use anabolic steroids?

People use anabolic steroids for a variety of reasons depending on the goals they intend to achieve. Here are some of the top reasons.

Boost muscle growth and strength

Athletes in the weightlifting and bodybuilding industry use anabolic steroids pills specifically for this purpose. Most of the anabolic steroids are created to imitate testosterone, which plays a huge role in muscle growth. If you combine anabolic steroids pill use and regular workouts, the results concerning muscle growth will be excellent.

You can quickly develop muscle size and strength when compared to doing workouts alone without using steroids. If you are a bodybuilder, anabolic steroids can help you increase your muscle volume just in time for your next competition. Visit the website of one the leading and most reliable vendors and see the various anabolic steroids pills for muscle growth you can buy.

Getting rid of body fat

If you want to lose weight, then anabolic steroids play a massive role in helping you achieve that. Anabolic steroids help enhance your metabolism and the basal metabolic rate, which allows you to burn fat even when your body is at rest. If you are into fitness, one of the main objectives is maintaining a lean body with less body fat content.

You can exercise and watch your diet to achieve these objectives, but anabolic steroid pills can help you quickly shed weight. You can find steroids that specifically help with fat loss or others that offer both the benefits of muscle growth and fat loss.

Boosting recovery after workouts

If you exercise regularly, you exert a lot of pressure on your muscles, which gets you tired, exhausted, and can even lead to injuries. Using anabolic steroid pills can help boost your recovery and prevent injury that might result from wear and tear of muscles while exercising.

Exercise, especially when the movements are intense, takes a toll on your body, and chances are you might not be ready for your next workout session in time. Steroids help reduce the recovery time while also facilitating the repair of damaged cells.

Where to buy the best anabolic steroids pill

Anabolic steroids are mainly sold online, but you must exercise caution to buy genuine products. Many people want to achieve their fitness goals quickly, be it muscle growth or fat loss. Take your time to browse through the various dealers while also reading independent reviews to buy the best anabolic steroids pill.

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Say Aloha To An Island Vacation



Most people enjoy traveling across the country and abroad. To many, the ultimate vacation would be a trip to the sun kissed beaches of Hawaii. The stress of a busy career, and the dedication to home and family can become overwhelming, and traveling is often the solution to getting back on track. The most exciting trip would include a cruise for one, romantic getaway for two, or a fun adventure for the entire family. The islands of Hawaii are inviting, and there are so many activities to engage in that there would be no idle time. Every moment is filled with tropical experiences, and breathtaking memories.

One of the most popular places to visit in Hawaii is the big island of Maui with exotic creatures of the sea in waters as blue as the sky. The rich culture and picturesque landscape will enthrall you while you lie on the beach with its golden sand running through your fingers. A Hawaiian cruise will take you to various venues along the island allowing you to stop at some of the best tourist attractions. Romance is always in the air when lovers walk along the beach in the sunset while the waves lap gently against them.

When tourists arrive on the island of Hawaii, they immediately feel the warmth and welcoming spirit that is relevant to the island experience. There are numerous activities to engage in, but to fully benefit from the attractions, it would be better to have a plan of the activities that best interest you, and stick to that plan. A tour of the island will take visitors to the beautiful Botanical Gardens along the Hamakua and Hilo coasts. There, people would be in awe by the natural treasures of the waterfalls, the rain forests, and tropical flowers. The constant trade winds, high volcanoes, and tropical temperatures make the northeastern side of the island tropical and lush.

Other activities to do on the island include ATV tours which is the most fun way to explore the difficult places to access like the drifts and wild forests on the Kohala coast. The main attractions are the beaches which are great for surfing, snorkeling, or swimming. The beaches offer world class white sand, black sands, and even green sands. The islands of Hawaii are also great for biking. This allows a close up look at the features, and a good way for tourists to explore on their own. They can also go camping, horseback riding, lava viewing, see the lava tubes and hot ponds, and go up for a helicopter tour.

The attractions that all tourists must engage in are the Luau and Hula performances. This is a good way for everyone to experience the local culture, and the island cuisine. The Hawaiian Luau is the traditional party that includes entertainment and food. The Luau means interacting with others at a Luau show. This includes a buffet with the traditional foods of the island. There are cultural performances from native Hawaiians and Polynesian music, hula dance, and stories. Visitors can usually join in with the dance performers, and show off their hula.

Whether enjoying the luxury hotels, or the luxury of the cruise liner, seeing the Hawaiian islands is a dream come true for many people who have always wanted to visit the state of the United States that has so much to offer in the way of thrills, excitement, adventure, and relaxation. It satisfies the curious mind, and offers memorable island entertainment in a gorgeous setting. The Hawaiian themed shows are the greatest, and truly authentic to the island. The Luau is a two and a half hour show with the first half hour being child friendly with cultural activities. After an hour of eating, the next activity is the fire dance and hula. Make an Hawaii cruise your next vacation destination.

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Traveling the Atlantic: Then and Now



It may be difficult to fathom these days, but traveling across the Atlantic ocean was once a long and dangerous ordeal. Now you can go on a transatlantic cruise or ride on a plane if you want to cross the Atlantic. But hundreds of years ago, it wasn’t that easy.


Before the 19th century, crossing the Atlantic ocean was a treacherous undertaking that took a long time. During the colonial period, colonists traveled by sailing ships. This journey didn’t always end well. The ships had to contend with many different variables.

First, the weather could be very unpredictable and change the length of the journey. The voyage could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. If the ship encountered rough seas, storms, or severe winds, the voyage’s length would change.

Sickness was something that wreaked havoc on most voyages. Most of the illnesses people experienced happened while on board. While some may have been sick beforehand, being on the ship surely exacerbated their condition. While seasickness sometimes can’t be helped, it was not all they had to deal with. There was fever, scurvy, and dysentery, to name a few. Scurvy comes from not getting the right nutrition. This sickness happened to a lot of sailors because they were potentially on board for months at a time and weren’t getting the proper nutrients like Vitamin C. 

Supplies were also a worry. Traveling across the Atlantic ocean in the 1600s could take some time. So having the right amount of supplies was crucial. It didn’t always work out, though. Supplies could run out before they reached their destination. Or if there were many deaths on board, they could end up having just enough supplies. Although the food and water usually ended up not being in the best conditions, which is why many passengers got sick.


These days we don’t have many of the same problems they did hundreds of years ago. Now, if you want to go on a transatlantic cruise, it is much easier and much faster, and it is much more comfortable.

While the weather can still be unpredictable, the way ships are built now they are sturdier. A strong wind won’t send them crashing against some rocks. Also, there are a plethora of ports that the ship can stop at if things become dire or they need a place to anchor while they wait for the storm to pass.

Now, when you go on a transatlantic cruise, you have to meet certain criteria. Such as being in good enough health to be away at sea.

Many of the diseases they dealt with we don’t have because we have cleaner conditions and proper nutrition. Scurvy is no longer an issue. There are all types of food on the ships that will meet your nutritional needs, whatever they might be.

Thanks to modern technology, taking a cruise across the Atlantic ocean is easier, safer, and can be quite luxurious.

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